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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Cryptid Canine Sightings Recalled in Rural Northeastern Pennsylvania

A boy in rural northeastern Pennsylvania, had several sightings of an unknown canine that he refers to as 'my werewolf.' It's an interesting series of encounters I plan to follow up on.

I came across the following account recently:

I grew up an only child in rural northeastern Pennsylvania. I used to sneak out of my bedroom and go hang out in our backyard on summer nights when I had trouble sleeping or woke up in the middle of the night. This was around the age of 8 in the mid 90s.

I’d go sit just below the top of the backyard hill, where I was out of sight of our kitchen window. There were trees to the left with a wild open field across the rest of a mile wide valley. We had a large hill, with a bump in the middle, that was perfect for sledding in the winter. Below that was a field with a deer trail cutting through the bottom of the hill, and a creek beyond at the center of the valley. On a clear night with a bright moon, you could see across the valley, to where my best friend’s house had their flood lights on all night behind their house. It was about a mile distance.

And when I say rural, I mean VERY rural Pennsylvania. Parent teacher conferences were scheduled the first day of hunting season, and kids would often be out for a couple of days just for that. We had two houses in eyeline of our house from that backyard. It was more than 30 miles to our nearest Walmart.

I also grew up very familiar with deer, bear, rabbits, and even saw a mountain lion once while hiking with family. All of this to say, I am familiar with wildlife there.

The first night I saw the dogman was like any other. I was chilling in the grass, thrilled to just be doing something my parents didn’t know about.

I saw something moving quickly down along the deer trail. It was dark black against the rest of the night. Part way through its path from the woods beside my house, it noticed me and stopped. We just stared at each other for what felt like a long time. It stood up, and its ears were long enough to notice from a 100 yard or so distance. It was too thin to be a black bear, which I’d already seen a few times at that age. The staring continued for a long time. Eventually, it put its ears back down, put its front paws on the ground, and sprinted across the valley.

I called it 'my werewolf,' because of the shape of it standing up. But after that first sighting, I went and sat outside a lot more. I remember once on a new moon I sat on the porch because I was too scared to go too far with how dark it was without the moon.

I saw it 3-4 more times after that. It was usually running into the woods by my house, which were more than 10 full acres owned just for hunting season. My werewolf never bothered me after that, but I remember I was really disappointed when it got cold outside and I’d have to stop going out at night because I wouldn’t see it." TK

NOTE: I will follow up with the witness and will add any further information to this post. Lon

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