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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

'Black Goblin' Suddenly Appears in Living Room

The following account was given to me in 2016 by another investigator. At the time, the investigator believed that it was a spirit. I don't think that there has ever been a satisfactory conclusion:

"I've been struggling with what I saw and whether or not to share it. Part of me wants to know if I'm not alone in my experience and the other part wants to believe it was just in my imagination and I shouldn't attempt to learn more. On the grand scale of experiences this probably won't be that interesting to some people, but I'm afraid because of it and that is what has led me to share.

Two nights ago I was in my apartment with my 1-year-old son. His dad was working the night shift at 1 am so I don't know the exact time this happened but I'd say between 2-4 in the morning. We have a king-sized bed and our son fell asleep with me so I let him stay there.

At some point I woke up to the baby rolling around the bed and kicking me. At the time I didn't know what his problem was but he was keeping me awake. This lasted for a while because usually when my son sleeps next to me he doesn't move so much and I figured he'd eventually be still. He didn't though. He kept moving around half asleep and I was worried that he'd roll off the bed. It felt like this went on for at least 30 minutes if not longer and I got frustrated that I was awake so I decided to move him to his playpen in the living room.

I laid him down and then went to the bathroom. From the bathroom I could see the living room (I left the door open). I should also mention that even at night it's not completely dark in our apartment so you can still see fairly well. As I was on the toilet I looked over to where the playpen is just for a few seconds and I saw some kind of creature. It was all black and hunched over like it was hiding behind the playpen but not very well. The playpen is made with see-through netting anyway so you can see right through it. This thing had long arms and my memory says it was slightly muscular on its upper body. What struck me as "off" about the whole thing was that it had long pointy ears like an elf but bigger. WTF?

I finished and rushed to the living room and nothing is out there, so I walk into the the bedroom with the image of this thing lingering in the front of my head. I tried to discount it or come up with an explanation, but I don't have one. I know it's natural for people to see faces or human shapes but this thing was not human looking, and I've never seen anything like it. There's no reason my brain would of just made this thing up while I'm trying to go to the bathroom and I'm worried about my son. I ended up grabbing the baby and he slept with me anyway, I wasn't going to take any chances.

The next morning he was sick with a cold so I'm guessing that's why he was so uncomfortable, but it's been a couple days now and I can't shake off what happened. If I had to give this thing a name Id say it resembled a large goblin. It also had a larger than human-sized head.

I guess I'm looking for input or some kind of advice. Do I pretend nothing happened? How do I protect my family if this was something paranormal and it comes back? I've had a few unexplained experiences in my life time but never anything like this in my own home. This whole thing has me very worried." AM

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