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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Black Eyed Kids: 'Why did they come back?'

2 roommates hearing constant tapping on a window that alarms them. Then 3 boys with black eyes appear at the front door, totally freaking out the residents. This has happened before!

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I knew it! I f*cking knew it! I had an encounter when I was 13, thinking I was okay. But it happened again! My roommate saw it too! It's been four or five years since my last encounter. I think I'm safe right? WRONG!

I moved last year, and I recently thought, 'Hey, remember those kids a few years ago? Funny, they can't get you now.' WRONG!

I live on a mountain, about an hour away from the beach, in a well populated neighborhood with my roommates. Two chill lesbians and a gay college dude. Super cool people. I think nothing can hurt me now because there are people everywhere. But no, I'm stupid and jinxed myself.

I was home two days ago, class was cancelled and the dude of the house was home too taking a nap. I'm in the kitchen watching Netflix and doing homework when there's a knock on the window. Obviously this is weird as hell, but I have weird friends. Maybe one of them is trying to scare me. I brush it off and continue what I was doing. Then it happens again. Then once again. I brush it off because maybe it was the snow if it wasn't my friends. Things like this happen all the time with them. Well, it goes on for like ten minutes and now I'm kind of starting to freak out. My friends don't have this much patience.

I go to Charlie's room, the guy, and wake him up. I'm not one that's usually riled up so he's concerned too. We both go to the window, I have my phone out with the camera and 911 within a touch, and Charlie has a bat. We look out the window and no one's there. After a minute we calm down and go and sit in the living room. Chaz's mom is a cop so he says he'll tell her about it later. We think we're okay so we chill and watch TV together.

Thirty minutes later the doorbell rings. I go and open the door. At first I don't see anything. Then down on the bottom of the stairs of the apartment, I see three young boys dressed in black hoodies, jeans, and brown or black bangs. At first I didn't move. I was frozen in place! Then Charlie asked who it was and I came to my senses and got a good look at the kids then slammed the door shut behind me. I started bawling. And I mean SOBBING. I don't know what to do! Charlie is freaking out because I don't cry! He ran to the door with the bat we have on the window seal and looked outside. He saw them too!

He started freaking out because he didn't know what to do so he started yelling at them to leave! He said they started smiling! I was crying even more now, he was screaming, and I think the neighbors wanted to call the cops.

Now think about this! He didn't know what they were. He thought they were normal kids that had scared me!! He didn't see their eyes yet.

I start yelling at him to get inside when I hear a bunch of footsteps running up the stairs and Charlie screams and runs inside. He's telling me he saw their eyes and that they were black and now we're both freaking out and grabbing kitchen knives.

Eventually we calm down and look outside again. No one's there but we can see a group of kids pass the complex with three that we think are the BEKs.

I told him about the other thing that happened to me and now we're scared to be In this house! We told the other roommates and they thought we were high or something. Once again no one believes me!

Sorry this is all over the place, this happened like three days ago and I've been on edge ever since.

Does anyone know why did they come back?" SM

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