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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Bizarre 'Yellow Eyed Shapeshifter' Encounter at Resort Pool

A woman and her daughters are at a resort/casino pool. They notice a strange woman walking around the pool, then asking bizarre questions. What happens next is unexplained!

The following account was referred to me. Very bizarre:

"I’m almost 100% positive my mom, sister, and a pool guy saw some sort of “shape shifter” or witch or something while staying at Native American casino in Sloan, Iowa.

My sister and I were in the pool and my mother was chilling reading a book. This black lady, light skinned with freckles and almost yellow eyes walks in the pool with jeans on and a sweater and starts circling the pool and staring at my sister and I. We didn’t notice but my mother did.

Eventually my mother starts staring at her and the lady stops and asks my mother what’s she’s reading. My mom is sketched out and starts giving my sister and I the “get the f*ck out of the pool now” look. We got out of the pool not knowing anything and we get to the table and ask what’s wrong. She says the lady was asking if my sister's hair was real and asking if she cuts it if it’ll come back and other weird sh*t.

The lady goes into the women’s bathroom and we’re sitting there calming down and gathering our stuff. Time goes by, like 15 minutes and this lady never comes out. My mother eventually asks the pool guy if he saw her go in the bathroom. The pool guy responds “Yeah, I just cleaned that. I’ll go check” and he comes back with books of matches. 2 handfuls.

He tells us that there’s no way he forgot to clean up those matches and he didn’t see that woman in there. Just as we’re all doing the weird “what the hell was with her weird face” this woman walks out of the bathroom and leaves. We all just watched her walk out of the pool area towards the casino. The pool guy turns and said, and I’ll never forget, “I don’t know where she was hiding or how she did that but she’s a Houdini if I’ve ever seen one”

We were shook as hell. My mom didn’t even want the valet, she wanted to leave ASAP. We went to our room and packed our stuff and went to our van. As we were about to pull out this brownish black dog with yellow eyes comes out of nowhere and sits down right in front of our van.

This dog walked up and sat down and stared directly at us like it was at attention. My mom flashed the lights. Honked the horn. Revved the engine. This thing wouldn’t move. Then my sister goes “oh my God! It has the same eyes!”

My sister was sitting in the passenger seat and this dog calmly walks up to the passenger door and gets up on the window and stares directly into the window at my sister. The last thing I remember was my mother screaming “leave her alone!!!” While tucking my head, I didn’t know if it was going to start barking or what. We made it to the gas station which is like right next door and my mom had to gather herself, buy coffee and gas up before we drove home. Ain’t ever been back to that place and not sure I ever want to." CR

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