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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Unknown Night Stalker Along Colorado Mountain Road

A Colorado man is working at a resort, which requires him to drive equipment along a desolate mountain road at night. When his truck breaks down, he has a scary walk back.

I recently came across the following account:

"I worked at Keystone Resort in Colorado for a few years. During the summers we would set-up for conferences, weddings and things of that nature. A number of weddings were performed at one of the mountaintop buildings that would be high-end dining/cafeterias in the winter and functions in the summer. Imagine mountaintop beautiful wood buildings with huge stone fireplaces and magnificent vistas off of huge wooden decks. Nice places for your weddings if you can afford it.

Anyway, to get to these places required driving along dirt roads that would snake through valleys and then up switchback roads along the mountain until you reached the top and the building in question. Ii was approximately 8 miles of winding mountain roads.

One night we had a quick turnaround, from a conference into a wedding the following afternoon. This required moving lots of tables and chairs out and down the mountain and moving up different tables and chairs for the wedding. So we would have a crew breaking down the previous setup and loading a truck, which would then be driven down to a building that had the other equipment, unloaded and reloaded by the crew there and then equipment driven back up the mountain. I was the one driving the truck.

So here I am driving the long twisty 8 mile drive back up the mountain with my last equipment load. I am about a mile and a half from my destination, which means I am in the middle of the switchbacks that are weaving their way up the mountain. My truck coughs a few times and then shuts off. I try to restart it, but I get nothing. At this point I am pissed. I have no radio and now I have to hoof it to the mountaintop building to radio down for another truck. I get out and start walking.

I get about 100 yards and I hear something off in the woods. A kind of heavy footfall and some brush snapping. I freeze. The darkness is damn near absolute. This road has no lighting at all, just the little light coming from about a quarter moon. That familiar shiver shoots straight from my lower back right to the top of my head. I am straining to hear anything at all, but I don't hear anything. I start to walk again trying to walk very softly and my head keeps moving back and forth trying to catch any slight sound.

I get about another 25 yards and the movement in the woods starts up again, sort of shadowing me from uphill and behind me. There are tingles all through my body, my eyes are like dinner plates and my breath is coming in big gasps. I stop and try and look for any movement at all. The movement in the woods stops again. My brain is telling me "Don't worry. It's a deer or an elk...or maybe a bear. F*ck" My subconscious is screaming "BIGFOOT!"

I am trying to maintain my calm, but calm has left the building. I start walking very fast, trying to discern any sounds from behind me. It doesn't take long. The footfalls and the brush being moved through starts up again as I am moving. And that was all she wrote for me. I haul off, running hell bent on reaching the building and safety before I am slaughtered by the unknown. I hear crashing in the underbrush for about another 15-20 seconds. After that all I can hear is the pounding of my blood in my head and the jolting thuds of my own feet hitting the ground. I have no idea how fast I ran that last mile and a half to the building. I was sure that at any moment something was going to grab me out of the darkness.

I made it to the safety of the building and dashed inside. Everyone there took one look at me and then sat me down and gave me a big drink from the bar. I must have been white as a ghost. My buddies gave me plenty of crap for being scared, but none of them set foot outside to check out my story. They just radioed for another truck to come and get the stuff out of my broken down vehicle and deliver it the rest of the way.

I finished up my shift and got cross-eyed drunk that morning/next day. I've never been so scared in the woods in my life. In case you couldn't tell, I am not an outdoorsy type. I don't hunt or camp. I have no idea what was in the woods that night. My rational side says just a big animal. But my paranoia tells me it was something else.

Never saw anything. Just heard noise. To this day I still think it was probably just an elk or a bear, but try telling that to yourself when you are all alone in the pitch black woods." WB

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