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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Small Bright Light, Followed by Bigfoot Whoops in Uwharrie National Forest, NC

A North Carolina man is camping in the Uwharrie National Forest when he encounters a small white light and then experiences several whooping sounds and other frightening noises. He later compares it to the Sierra Sounds recording.

I found the following recent encounter account:

"I have experienced something this week truly phenomenal that I cannot explain. Something so earth shattering and reality breaking I am still in shock. My adrenaline is still pumping through my system even now writing this four days later.

Last Monday, August 17th, I went camping alone in Uwharrie National Forest, North Carolina. My goal was to destress and simply enjoy nature, I brought along a knife, some MRE's, which are packs of freeze dried food essentially, a tarp and rope to construct a shelter. I arrive at the campground around 2 pm and I begin my hike. It is deathly quiet. The only wildlife I encounter are two deer at the beginning of the trail. As I'm hiking I notice a large amount of quartz deposits strewn about, enough to raise an eyebrow. I reach a valley clearing about a mile in and between two streams. I constructed my shelter in the center. The remnants of old campfires littered about told me this place must be a good place to camp. After finishing my tarp tent I begin to walk around exploring the area. I hear thunder, and decide to head back to my shelter.

Here is where things start to get strange, I'm getting goosebumps thinking about it still. I lay on my stomach in my tent. As the storm rolls in I feel a strange pressure change, low bass frequency and temperature drop, not that odd considering I'm in a valley. As it approaches however, I feel a sensation I have never felt before. I can FEEL the storm above me in a way I can't fully describe. The best I can do to detail this feeling is that my consciousness was aware and expanded enough to feel this mass above me. I'm thinking, "this is very weird" but don't entertain any thoughts of this possibly being paranormal. That is until I hear the first sound. I hear a loud "WHOOP" from, I'd guess, a quarter mile away. My hair stands up all over, and then it begins to pour rain, very hard. At this point I have no earthly idea what could have made that sound other than a very large animal that I'm unfamiliar with.

Time passes, I'm still laying in my tent, not quite dark but it's raining so I have nothing to do but scan the trees and listen. That's when I see the light. A very small, what looked like a coin reflecting in the sun, only there was no sun, and it was moving. It blinked on then off quickly then reappeared a few feet to the side, on then off again. I never saw it again. Not soon after I began to hear, what in my mind were, bipedal footsteps. They didn't seem like they came from a large animal but I never saw what made them. They begin in the exact same spot I witnessed the light a few moments prior. I am staring intently at this spot frozen in fear clutching my knife unable to move. It's silent until dusk, it's still raining. Then I hear the second, "WHOOP" much closer and louder, on the other side of my shelter. Whatever made this noise was maybe 50 feet away.

Night falls and adrenaline is pumping through me. I lay on my back. It is so dark it did not matter if my eyes were open or closed. There was no noise for a few hours and I began to relax slightly. That is until I heard the "babbling". I had set up in between two streams so my rational brain was making me think it was just the water. It was NOT. If I had allowed myself to believe that I was actually hearing some sort of inhuman speech that far into the woods all alone I would have panicked, or blacked out with fear perhaps. I hear this intermittently throughout the night in two places. Its soft as if they are whispering to each other about me, not wanting to wake me up. I lose consciousness at some point, but awake to something being thrown at my tent, possibly a small rock.

Nothing more of note happens that I'm aware of until morning where I get the hell out of there. I arrive home and immediately begin researching what could have possibly been making those noises. I look at deer, mountain lions, bears, even raccoons and squirrel noises. Nothing comes close. That is until I decide to entertain the Sasquatch theory. I came across the "Sierra Sounds".

IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME! I cannot tell you how frightened I was when I heard this video, IT IS THE SAME EXACT NOISE! I can't even begin to process this, even still, I'm shaking typing all of this out for you. The murmuring...that's the worst part, THEY WERE TALKING TO EACH OTHER! Please, please let me know what your thoughts are or if you know anybody who has had similar experiences to. Let me assure you everything I have written is the truth and I feel completely healthy. I know what I heard." SH

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