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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Scary Grunting Cryptid Encountered Along Fiery Gizzard Trail, Tennessee

A couple decided to hike a trail on their way home from a vacation in Nashville, Tennessee. During their walk they encountered a scary grunting cryptid crouched behind a boulder.

I came across this post recently:

"My girlfriend and I were taking a weekend vacation to Nashville, Tennessee last November 2019. As we were driving back home I had looked up a trail for us to go hiking on (Fiery Gizzard Trail) that had good reviews.

We were walking along the trail and got to this concave gorge that we walked down on stairs. We even passed a group of hikers walking back up. As we were walking down it we heard weird grunts that sounded a lot like a Pig Frog, but it was coming from inside the dark gorge where there was no water, just a few large (6ish ft tall) boulders sitting lined up inside the gorge. We almost wanted to turn back because it was creepy, but decided to walk to the end of the trail, which was only a short distance to the creek.

As we turned back and passed the gorge again, I thought I saw something moving behind one of the boulders so I was staring at it as we got closer, wondering what it was. Evidently, my girlfriend was doing the same thing but a few yards behind me.

Getting closer, I swear I made out a face that almost looked like the face of the monsters from the movie 'Where The Wild Things Are,' but obviously smaller. It had creepy human-like eyes, the face seemed pale with hair around the whole head that was reddish brown and it was just staring back at me. I'm freaking out even writing this having to remember it, but I think it's worth sharing.

My stomach dropped, all my hair stood up and I got an overwhelming sense of dread. I told my girlfriend to run and she didn't at first, so I had to yell at her and then we took off and didn't look back until we got to the car.

At the car she told me she was looking at the same spot and saw something back there too. Strangely enough, the boulder was taller than me and it looked like the thing was crouched behind it peering out of the top corner, so to be crouched and still looking over a 6ft-ish boulder it had to have been what, like 9 foot tall or so?

Anyway, my girlfriend doesn't like talking about it and says it could've just been an animal, but I think we both know it was probably something scarier. I really hope it was some weirdo playing tricks on us." MG

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