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Monday, August 03, 2020

Rural Georgia Cemetery Suddenly Manifests Before Witnesses

A young woman in rural Georgia and her fiance agree to go along with her parents in search of a creepy cemetery. They eventually encounter an entity of a little girl with black eyes, in a cemetery that had suddenly manifested before them.

The following account was sent to me several years ago. I don't believe that I had previously posted it:

"My fiance and I decide to go out to dinner and on a double date with my parents. We live in the upstairs apartment of their home, so we usually all carpool to save gas when we go do stuff as a group. We're all together, and my mom decides she wants to go check out this local cemetery. I'd rather not name it, because it would give away my locale, but it's in the west Georgia area, right by the Alabama state line. She had heard of it from co-workers she trusted, who told her family stories about how creepy this place was. I got a knot in my stomach as soon as she mentioned it. I just knew in my gut that we did not need to go there, but I didn't want to be the wet rag, so I just ignored that little voice of caution and said, "Sure, let's do it." My fiance was slightly more skeptical of paranormal things at the time than he is now, and my dad is a pretty big skeptic who doesn't believe in ghost activity much, no shadow people or any of that, just basic religious angels/demons, as he's a Christian. My mom likes things for the "creep" factor, but at the time, didn't really buy into stuff like that on a realistic level. We Google the address, punch it into the GPS, and go.

The GPS tells us it'll take us about 20 minutes to get there, but it ends up taking an hour. For some reason, the time on the GPS just keeps steadily going up, the closer we get. It was all country back roads, and some of them felt like the exact same as the road before, and so on. Can't explain it in words, really, but it felt like we were repeating roads, when the road names were different and the GPS showed us in different parts of the map.

We finally reach the address, and there's nothing. It's an empty road intersection. The moment we hit the destination flag on the GPS, the GPS goes black for a moment, and then when the screen comes back on, it says that we're three miles away again. We're all kinda WTF-ing, because we all saw the same thing, but we brush it off and follow the new directions. The new directions take us down the same roads we'd already been on, but I swear to you, no lie at all here, the same directions brought us to a different place. Same thing happens: we reach the flag on the screen, screen flashes black, comes back with new directions saying we're a few miles away again. This happens four times total before we give up, and go in the opposite direction of where the GPS says to go. This brings us to a shady-looking little convenience store. As my dad pulls into the parking lot to get gas, the headlights flash over the woods behind the store - nothing there, just woods. My anxiety is growing to epic proportions and I just want to go home at this point.

We get gas, re-route the GPS to get us home, and turn around. The headlights fall over the exact same spot that they had only a few moments earlier, where all four of us saw full, thick woods. The woods are gone, and there's a clearing now, with a very old gated cemetery, and the gates have been broken and are open a couple of feet. This cemetery was not there a few minutes prior. All four of us have acknowledged that we have no f*cking clue how it just appeared. Being as open to possibilities as I am, I've spoken to some experts who have agreed with me that they believe it was probably a portal of some kind. My mom, for whatever reason I don't know, drives up to the gates and puts the car in park. I'm panicking at this point, and trying to get her to turn around and leave. I swear, I could feel the energy radiating off of this tiny cemetery, and it was making me physically ill. I'm seeing something just inside the gates, and I can't make out what it is and first, but when I made it out, I almost started crying.

I'm used to my visions enough that I can tell what's in the physical realm, and what isn't. This figure wasn't. Clear as day, there was a young girl, looking maybe six or seven years old, standing just inside the gates. She was in a ratty, torn little gray/white nightgown, and looked very tattered, like she'd been living in the woods. She had the sweetest face, albeit filthy and scratched up, and my maternal instincts were going into overdrive despite my fear. I was so conflicted. On the one hand, half of me was screaming to get away. On the other, I felt like I was being compelled to get out of the car and go to her. All I can describe it as, was a voice in my head telling me to go take her hand, and lead her back to the car. Just go help her. You have to help her. You have to take her home with you. She needs you.

I cannot even begin to describe how malicious the voice in my head sounded. I have chills upon chills, just remembering it.

Just as I was reaching for the door handle, to go help her, I felt like I was in some hypnotic state. Like I couldn't control myself. Then she did something that snapped me out of it. She raised one hand to me, palm up, and curled her fingers, like a "come here" motion. As she did it, I realized her eyes were jet black (no white, no iris) and she grinned at me with the most terrifying smile I have ever seen. My panic mode went into overdrive and I literally started pleading with my mother to leave. I was fighting tears, I was so afraid of whatever this thing was. I just knew in my gut that it was not anything I wanted any part of. When she finally turned the car back on and put it in reverse, this look of absolute rage crossed the child's face before she disappeared. When my mom turned around and started driving away, we all noticed that, when we looked behind us, the cemetery was gone again. The four of us barely ever speak of it, because we're all so dumbfounded by whatever happened. It was a year and a half ago, and I only got the courage to tell my fiance about my vision a few weeks ago. I've thought long and hard on it, and I don't know if it was a demon or just some malevolent entity, but what I do know - and I don't know how I know this, I just do - is that it was not a little girl, but something else taking the form of something that the entity somehow knew would affect me, as I have a really big soft spot for children who need help. Don't go play with little dead girls or whatever the f*ck she/it was." TZ

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