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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Loud Roar Panics Camper in Angelina National Forest, Texas

A woman and her husband are camping in Angelina National Forest. Their RV won't start, so she walks toward the ranger station to get help. On the way, she and her dog hear a loud roar that literally creates panic

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I had an experience in the Angelina National Forest near Nacogdoches, Texas. But my experience was only auditory not visual.

We were camping at a remote campground in an RV. There were only about 8 camping spots where we were. It was about a mile, mile and a half from the ranger's station. It was New Years weekend.

On Sunday morning the day we were scheduled to go home, the RV would not start. We could get no cell reception because of the tall, heavily wooded area. My husband asked me to walk up to the ranger station to see if we could borrow some tools or see if they knew of a mechanic in the area that worked on RV's. So, I took our dog, and off I went.

About a third of the way there, I got a funny feeling. Like I was being watched. Then my dog, a pit/boxer mix started growling and sniffing the air. He had all his hackles up. I heard a couple of huge snaps in the woods to my left. The dog is now growling like he is about to tear into something. Then came this huge loud roar from the same direction I heard the branches snapping. It was so loud, I could feel it as well as hear it.

When that happened my dog hunkered down and pissed with his tail between his legs. We started running. A few more limbs snapped and my dog tried to hunker down again. So I decided to scoop him up in a fireman's carry and get the hell out of there. Well, that didn't last but a few yards, because he weighs close to fifty pounds and I am a 50 yr. old woman.

Thank goodness about that time, here come the rangers in a pickup. They stopped and I literally threw my dog in the back and told them I needed help. I tried to explain to them about the wood snapping and the loud roar, but it seemed to piss them off. So I just told them we need tools, our RV was broke down. So they drove back to the ranger station and loaded up a toolbox and took us back down to the RV.

So we finally got the thing started and I told him about what happened, and asked him if he heard anything. He said he thought he heard something but was too busy to pay it much mind.

Now I have been camping all my life. I know what a buck deer, or elk sounds like, I know what a mountain lion, or bobcat, or wolf or coyote sounds like. I know what wild hogs sound like. But this sound was none of those. This roaring was loud enough to shake the ground.

I have had that dog for 10 yrs. and have never seen him that scared of anything, ever. He has chased down raccoons, armadillos, possums, and deer, and an 800 lb. steer and never backed down. So what he smelled and sensed was bad enough to make him hunker down." MP

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