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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Glowing White Figure 'Nightcrawler' Observed on Cuban Beach

2 friends were vacationing in Cuba along the Playa Ancon coast. One night they encountered an unknown glowing white figure on the beach near their hotel.

The following account was recently referred to me:

"Last year a friend and I went to Cuba for vacation. We were on the Playa Ancon coast. It was New Year's day, around 3 am when it happened.

After a night of drinking and dancing we decided to go to the beach for a little bit. It was nearly pitch black outside, and we were just walking around on the shore talking and looking at the stars. Suddenly my friend calls my name and tells me to look down the shore. What we saw, was a radiantly glowing white figure, about 300 meters away. It had long legs and a head, standing about 7 foot. I immediately thought of the Fresno Nightcrawler, though at the time I didn't know what it was called (we nicknamed it the Ocean Alien).

My friend said that before I had seen it, it was just standing there, and for a moment it looked as though it had stepped into the water, submerged completely, and then stepped back onto the beach. We stared at it for a couple moments, and then it started taking slow steps towards us. We both got so scared and we booked it back to our hotel room without looking back. We were both rattled so we didn't sleep for most of the night.

The next few days of our trip we asked guests and employees at our hotel about what we saw. We even went to the city closest to our hotel and asked a bunch of locals, and nobody knew what we were talking about or could provide any possible explanations for what we saw. We even went back to the beach a few other nights around the same time but never saw it again.

Unfortunately we were both so frightened by the 'Ocean Alien,' neither of us thought to take our phones out and take any photos or video. Does anybody have any idea of what it could have been? I've done some research about Cuban folklore and cryptid sightings and haven't found anything even remotely similar." AS

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