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Monday, June 08, 2020

Child-Sized 'Rake' Slowly Crawled Through Witness' Garden in Berkshire, England

An English teen observed a creepy child-sized 'Rake' humanoid crawling through his garden in Berkshire.

"As a teen I just refused to sleep at normal hours, especially on weekends. Why? Well that’s because the house I lived in and the land the house was on was haunted as sh*t. Staying up usually meant seeing some freaky activity and growing up in a small English town in Berkshire, well that’s as exciting as life got.

So one night when I was around 14, I was staying up staring out my window when I started seeing glowing blue and purple lights coming from the forest behind my house (we don’t have fireflies where I lived). I thought they were cool so I just continued staring at them, trying to figure out what they were. Now the way my house was set up, my bedroom window faced the forest and my back garden and directly next to my room is a side gate that links to the front part of the house. On either side of the gates are motion sensor lights.

So the lights in the forest may not have been paranormal but what happened next most definitely was. The motion at the front of the gate triggers, casting a faint light into my garden. The night grows really silent, no more owls or crickets and just really eery. The lights in the forest same to ebb and then just die out. I listen carefully as I start to here scuttling on the wood of the gate. It’s muffled so I slightly crack open my window to get a better look / listen.

Now that gate is always locked, with a heavy padlock at that. To this day I have asked my dad if he ever left the gate unlocked that night and he stands by the fact that unless he’s gardening the gate stays closed. This was spring so he might have started seeding so for my own comfort of mind, I’m gonna assume he left the gate open.

Anyways, I hear the gate slowly swing open. The creeks of the wood were so loud against the silent night, so the sound was very distinctive. The motion light right underneath my bedroom window switches on. Honestly to this day I really can’t explain what I saw.

It was this off white veiny kind of skin texture and was about the size of a child. It walked on all fours and looked just sickly. It’s hind legs were significantly longer than it’s front legs and it looked to have hand claws? I hate having to link back to creepypasta but it honestly looked like the rake.

Now I’ve gone through the possibilities in my head trust me. It was too small to be the deer that frequented our garden, also it had no remotely deer like features. A badger or fox with a disease, possible. However I’ve never seen badgers or foxes with such long limbs and so disproportionate. Also this thing was completely hairless and humanlike.

The worst part about it to me was how it slowly and silently moved up my garden path before disappearing into the woods. The noises of the night started back up after that but I was so shook that I didn’t sleep that entire night.

I’m from England so I haven’t heard of any folklore that matches what I saw. I know there were occult practices done in the woods behind my house but I’m pretty sure it was pagan, hence not inherently bad or demonic.

I don’t know what I saw." LB

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Remote View: A House in Surrey - Since my guests this Friday are a spirit rescue team, I'd like to offer one of my personal cases of remote spirit rescue in order to acquaint you with the process

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