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Monday, May 04, 2020

Upright Canine (Possible 'Rougarou') Encountered in Beauregard Parish, Louisiana

A Beauregard Parish, Louisiana property owner and his young daughter encountered an utterly terrifying upright canine near their home

This past weekend, I received a telephone call from 'PB' who is an owner of 70 acres of thick west central Louisiana woodland in Beauregard Parish (near Deridder, adjacent to the Fork Polk Military Base in Vernon Parish).

About four weeks ago, PB and his 5-year-old daughter were walking along their long dirt driveway that leads to their home. When they reached the paved section of the driveway, PB noticed a dead 90 lb male Bobcat laying along the edge. There were no apparent wounds or blood, but the fresh carcass looked like it had been battered and crushed. This area has abundant wildlife and predators that include Bobcat, Black Bear and at least one very large female Panther that has been seen occasionally by PB. The sight of this dead Bobcat was concerning since there was no indication that any predator had fed on the carcass.

As PB and his daughter stood there looking at the Bobcat carcass, he noticed some movement in the thick dark woods not far from the driveway. There is a game trail the cuts through the woods and continues over the dirt driveway into the opposite woods. There is also a pond nearby. As they moved closer, PB soon observed a wolf-like head rise above the thick brush. The head was very large with grayish-black fur.

PB pulled out his phone and quickly snapped a photo of this beast. As he did, a deep growling sound emanated from the unknown creature as it 'stood' up. PB immediately saw that this canine was at least 7 foot in height and covered in sparse blackish fur. It had freakish broad human-like shoulders and a wide chest, muscular arms and legs, as well as a tapered torso. The eyes seemed to 'shine' a weird greenish hue.

PB and his daughter backed off as this beast took a long stride forward. It stopped, leered at PB with its green eyes and growled deeply. PB daughter ran away screaming for her father, which seemed to startle the upright canine. It quickly turned and fled into the woods. PB attempted to take another photo as the beast moved off into the dark woods, but there was no distinguishable form on the image. They both quickly ran for home.

Since that encounter, PB has attempted to find a reporting agency, when he finally found my contact information. He sent me the image and asked what I thought what it may be. I noticed the canine-like head and pointed ears, but was unsure since the image was difficult to discern. I asked PB what he thought this was. His immediate response was 'werewolf.' I later asked PB if he had heard of any similar sightings in the area. He responded that he hadn't, but he was aware of 'rougarou' accounts much further south from his location.

The image of the upright canine head is very distorted because of the pixelation of a typical camera phone when attempting to zoom in. The best result that we were able to manage, without manipulating the photo, is posted below. It was forwarded by a reader. I've also included the original photo. There are also other images of the area that were taken later.

PB believes that the Bobcat may have attacked the upright canine or vice versa. It seems that the Bobcat was beat upon or slammed onto the ground by this beast. The witness is a hunter and trapper who is quite familiar with the wildlife in this part of Louisiana. PB is attempting gather further evidence and will provide it to me if available. Lon



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