Thursday, May 21, 2020

Unknown Green Eyed Biped Watches Hunter in Grayson County, Kentucky

A black powder hunter was being watched by an unknown biped with green eye shine. He never went back to the location again.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I was black powder hunting alone on private property in Grayson County, Kentucky. The property has a gated entrance and I parked my four-wheeler there and normally walked the remaining 150-200 yards to my elevated deer stand. As I shut my four-wheeler off and put on my back pack, I heard a very large limb snap and thought it was a deer or animal moving around maybe 20 yards away. So I didn’t think anything about it, gathered my gun and hunting stuff and started walking down the 2 track trail without my flashlight on due to having good enough light from the moon to see where I was walking (I hunted here a long time and knew the trail). This trail ended in a 15 acre hay field surrounded by old growth timber.

As I walked in the dark, I quickly realized something was paralleling my every step just inside the woods. I walked and stopped and it would do the same. By the time I realized I might have a problem on my hands it was too late to go back to the four-wheeler so I picked up my pace and made a bee line for my deer stand. When I got within 10 yards from the stand, I heard another large limb snap really close to the edge of the field on my left. I stopped turned my flashlight on and shined in that direction. That's when I saw 2 green glowing eyes about 10 inches apart. Instinctively I raised my rifle and stomped my foot at it and yelled “Get out of here” not really sure what I was seeing. It just blinked its eyes once and never moved. I could not make out any details, just that it may have been crouched down due to the proximity of the eyes to the ground.

When whatever this was didn’t run like most non-predatory animals would do, I realized in that instant the best thing to do was bolt up my ladder and get in the stand as quickly as possible. This (whatever it was) was no more than 8 steps away and if I shot at it, I would have been blinded by the muzzle flash and it might attack if I missed in the dark. Not having a way to reload quickly, I made an evasive move. The rest of time I waited in the stand for daybreak it circled my stand just out of light shine.

A few minute before daybreak I heard bipedal steps go into the woods where it had followed me from. I waited till daylight and quickly made my way back to my four-wheeler. As I jumped on the machine and just before I fired it up, I heard another branch or limb snap loudly in the woods off the trail and behind me. I left the area and went back home and cut the week long hunt short and didn’t return until the following spring.

I’ve never hunted the same way again since and rarely go in before or after dark on foot unless I absolutely have to. If I do, I always have a sidearm. I’ve since sold that property and hunt in my home state of Indiana. I can honestly say one thing for sure...if I had had a shotgun or high powered rifle in my hand with more than one shot, I felt threatened enough to use it that day. This thing wasn’t scared of me at all and it changed the way I look at the woods and forests forever. Thinking back on that morning and the days leading up, I now remember that I hadn’t seen the normal wildlife signs and visual activity I normally seen." DJ

NOTE: If I had to make a guess, I'd say that this was most likely an upright canine. A Bigfoot would have probably left earlier, as opposed to an upright canine that tends to hold its ground longer. Interesting account. Lon



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