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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Tall Pale White Humanoid Encounters by 3 Eyewitnesses

3 different eyewitnesses detail they're experiences with unknown pale humanoids. What are people encountering?

"We live in northern Illinois, near Rockford. Our backyard is pretty long and connects to an alleyway, and all the way at the back we have two poles that used to be used for hanging clothes out to dry. They're probably about 6 and a half feet tall. Connected to my house in the yard is a porch. It's basically a room with two of the walls taken out and replaced with wire mesh.

We live in a two bedroom house with my cousin, her son, my mom, and my grandfather. My mom and I used to share a room until my cousin got pregnant, so she gave up our room so she wouldn't be sleeping on an uncomfortable couch. For a while my mom and I slept in the living room, her on the couch and me on an air mattress. Up until two years ago, my mom reverted a room in our basement into a bedroom for me so I could get some privacy for myself. My mom still sleeps in the living room on the couch, so she doesn't have any privacy, except for back porch. So she pretty much just sits out there all day.

It was last year in late summer/early fall. My mom was sitting on the porch, as she usually does, and she looks out into the backyard and sees something standing in the alley, right behind our fence. It was pretty dark out so she couldn't make out exactly what it looked like, but she said it had a human figure, was completely white, about the size of the poles we have in the yard.

She told me that it hopped the fence with no problem and started sprinting at her, like if it were running a marathon or something. It then got a couple feet away from the porch window and then just disappeared. She said she was so scared that she was completely frozen that entire time. She didn't move her body for a good twenty seconds because she was scared that if it saw her move it was going to come back. She just kept moving her eyes to get them to adjust to the dark so she could see if there was anything still outside.

To come outside to the porch, you need to walk through the kitchen, and that's where I was. I was sitting at the kitchen table when she bursts through the door, and runs to the sink to get a knife. So now I'm panicking because I thought there was a murderer outside or something, and then she tells me what happened. We both stayed there for a good hour just looking out the kitchen window to see if that thing was still there.

I haven't talked to her about that at all since then, until now." MP


"I’ll be honest, I almost never believe anyone’s story about seeing mythical creatures or monsters and wouldn’t believe this story if I told myself it from another perspective. However the only reason I think I actually did see something was because my friend saw the same thing and verified my eyes weren’t just playing tricks on me.

We were driving home from a friends (she was the driver I was passenger) around 1:30 am. Going around 35 mph I see a figure standing completely still on the side of the road just looking across the road not moving.

What it looked like:

-Thin and relatively tall (maybe 6 to 6.5 feet tall) - Pale skin - Hunched over slightly - Dark black pits for eyes - No mouth (or if there was one very small and not noticeable) - Stringy long hair like Gollum - Wearing clothes like a tattered coat or hoodie thing - And here’s a really strange feature, it’s legs were jointed backwards (like a cricket) but it was standing straight up. Imagine your own legs slightly bent but the bend is reversed.

Anyone seen anything like this or have an idea of what it is?

This really freaked me out because I saw it and immediately turned to my friend the driver and she had a look of pure shock and fear also and at that moment we both realized we saw it. We were so scared we sped up and didn’t look back. Now I wish we looked back to see what it was." RB


"I had an experience as a child and I'll never forget every detail of that day.

Little backstory, at the time we lived with my grandmother in the high desert of California. She had a dance studio built on her property, so the house was in the center of the land, with a large building off to the right.

I was about 7 and was sitting on the front porch with my dogs. Puppy was blind but definitely took guard dog seriously, he was always the first to signal danger. Suddenly his hackles went up and he started growling towards the dance studio. There was this hole that had appeared that went under the studio. All attempts to fill it in had been met with it reappearing the next morning.

So as the puppy is growling, Raja, a bullmastiff, stood up and put her body between me and the stairs/path to the studio. Suddenly this pale creature with limbs way to long comes crawling out of the hole. I just stood there and stared. At first it didn't see me, and I was too scared to try to make it to the door. Then it spotted me, and stood up and it just kept standing up. It was unnaturally tall. We stared at each other for what felt like forever. I then screamed, ran for the door and flew it open. I looked one last time and it had thrown itself on all fours and was running off the property to the fields across the street.

This was near sunset, and that was the only time I ever saw it. I stopped going outside alone after that. Also this was all the way back 1997." DB



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