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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Tall Boney Humanoid Harassing Livestock in Rural Northern Utah

tall boney humanoid

A young man and his uncle encounter a tall boney humanoid that was harassing the livestock in the barn. This occurred in a rural area of northern Utah

I recently found the following account:

"It was mid May several years ago, when my family took a trip down to my uncle's farm, in Utah, not far from Salt Lake City. About 90 miles, I’d say. The area was remote, and was a ways away from the nearest town. When we arrived, it was about 3:00 in the afternoon, and the sun was shining bright as ever. My uncle sat on the porch, and waved to us as we pulled into the front gate. We usually go down there every 2 years and stay for about a week or two. It’s pretty much the same back home in Michigan. The livestock, the fields, hot summers, it all feels like I’m at home.

At first, nothing seemed out of the usual. It was just your average 2 story farmhouse, with a big barn and sprawling fields for miles. It was really peaceful. I got out of the car, and got my bags out of the back. My uncle lived in Utah his whole life, so he has a bit of an accent. “Hey there!” He shouted from his chair on the porch. “Hey uncle Ron.” I said with a smile. “How you been, boy?” He asked me. I walked up the steps, and set my bags by the door. “Pretty good, how about you?” I asked. “Well, I was about to go hunting, forgot y’all was coming today. Your welcome to come with me, if that’s alright with you ma.” He said. I nodded. Hunting was pretty normal in Michigan. I usually get a buck or two during rifle season, so I’m fairly good, you could say.

“Hey mom, is it alright if I go with uncle Ron to go hunting?” I asked from the porch “We’ll only be a couple hours.” He added. She sighed, and looked at us for a second, “Yeah, that’s alright.” She said. “Here, you take mine, I’ll go get another one.” He grabbed his rifle he had leaning against the wall, and handed it to me. “Make sure she ain’t loaded.” He said, before he headed inside. I pulled the bolt back slightly, and checked if it was loaded. Once I seen it wasn’t, I held it freely. “You two better be back before 11:00, because we all know that your uncle likes to take his time.” She said, as she walked up the stairs. “Okay mom, I’ll make sure.” Just as I said it, my uncle came out the door, letting the screen door slam behind him. “Alright, let’s get going.” He said. “I told the boy to be back by 11.” Said my mom, before my uncle walked off the porch. “Will do.” He said with a smile.

Behind his house was a thicket of woods. Had to be about 100 acres. We entered the tree line, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to get ourselves a buck. Had a blind about a quarter mile in, so we had a little bit of a walk. And as we did, I felt eyes on us. It was unnerving, but I didn’t think much of it. Once we made it to his blind, we got inside, and zipped it up. The time out in the blind was very uneventful, until about 9:00. The first thing we heard all day, was the scratching. Me and my uncle looked at each other, and he whispered, “Its gotta be a buck rub.” Right as he said it, the scratching stopped, and my uncle raised his gun.

He looked out of the hole in the blind, only to see nothing. “Don’t you think we should head back?” I whispered. He checked his watch, then nodded, “Yeah.” We both got out of the blind, and made our way back home. I felt eyes on me again. This time I asked my uncle if he felt them too. “It’s probably just nothing.” He said. I shook it off, and relaxed a little. We got back to the house at about 9:30, right after the sun had set. I waked up the steps to the house, and walked in. My mom was at the table, talking to my aunt Denise. She looked over at us, and smiled. “Hey guys, how was it?” She asked. “Uneventful.” I said. My uncle walked in behind me, “I’ll take the gun.” He said. I handed it to him, and he walked upstairs.

“Go wash your hands, your aunt made dinner.” Said my mom. So that’s what I did. When I was done, I sat down just as my uncle came down the stairs. “What did you come back for.” Asked my mom, looking at my uncle. “What do you mean, you said be back by 10.” He said. “No, I mean earlier, I heard you open the barn door. I looked out the window just as you went back into the woods.” She said, confused. “We didn’t, go in the barn.” I said to her. She looked at me with a look of confusion. “Huh?” said my aunt. “You didn’t come back?” “No, we were in the blind the whole time.” Said my uncle. Then it hit me. The sudden realization, that something was out there with us.

“I think you were seeing something.” Said my uncle. “Yeah, mom, you did just get a concussion.” I said, remembering last week, when she fell and hit her head. I shook that off too. Just like the feeling of being watched. Maybe I chose not to believe it, so I wouldn’t think that there was something ACTUALLY out there with us. We all passed it off, and ate dinner like normal. The next day was as normal as ever. Nothing happened until the third day. It was sunset, and me and my uncle sat on the porch. “How you doing in school?” He asked. I looked over to him and said, “A’s and b’s. Average.” I said.

He opened his mouth to say something, but before he could, he was interrupted by the squealing of the pigs out by the barn. He always kept his rifle with him outside. “Go out to my truck, and grab the shotgun off the rack. Might be a whole pack of coyotes out there.” He said, jumping up out of his chair. I ran to his truck, swung the door open, and grabbed his shotgun. It was a 12 gauge, slug round, nothing I was to aware of at the time. Me and my uncle ran out to the barn.

We both froze in our tracks. What was out there, harassing those pigs, wasn’t a pack of coyotes, but a damn thing from hell, or so it looked like. Bony clawed hands, skinny, with a boney rib cage. The damned thing seemed to stare into your soul, with it huge eyes. It loomed over us. It had to be about 7 to 8 foot tall. Out of sheer fear, I took a shot at it. And another. Before it took off into the woods. We stood there in shock. The pigs were squealing, and running in circles. They were just as scared and confused as us.

I looked at my uncle Ron. “What the hell was that?” I asked. “I’m not sure, but it had to be what your mom was talking about.” We checked the pigs, and a few had minor lacerations, but none of them were dead. We checked the area the thing stood, but found nothing, not even blood. I’ve never wanted to leave somewhere more than right then. Once we got inside, my mom and aunt were eager to hear what happened. When we told them, they were as shocked as us. I had a hard time sleeping that night. Feeling that same feeling of being watched. The next day we left. I’ve only been back to Utah a couple times, and my uncle hasn’t seen anything out of the usual, but one things for sure, I won’t forget about that night, under a clear Utah sky." ZC


"In my hometown there’s a forest that’s pretty big, with trails around the edges where people walk their dogs but no one really goes inwards to the depths of it. Once a month or so I go there birdwatching. There’s also a small river which, in dryer months, is basically just a dip filled with mud and leaves. I walk along it on my way in and again on my way out.

About two years ago I was walking along the riverbank in May or June when ahead of me I saw what looked like a pale, hairless, nude person digging around in the mud. I got a bit closer and realised the thing didn’t appear to be human. It was quite tall, its skin being a light-medium gray and it had no facial features that I could discern from a distance, but with what looked to be large, sunken eyes. It was squatting and using its hands to rifle through the mud. Its arms were very long compared to a human and it was very thin.

I watched it for about thirty seconds or so when it looked in my direction and I think it saw me, because it paused and seemed to be staring at me for a few seconds. It then turned around, disappearing quickly but casually into the trees on all fours. I hadn’t seen it before or since then.

I left just after because I was apprehensive and worried it might be something aggressive, but there wasn’t anything in its demeanour that made me feel threatened. It was like watching an animal foraging and seemed calm the whole time.

A lot of the encounters I’ve read on here seem to be about creatures that have a menacing energy, but this thing just seemed to want to go about its business uninterrupted. If anyone has any idea what I might have seen, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know." BM

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