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Saturday, May 09, 2020

Cosmic Ray’s 'Venus Files' - Part III

This is a continuation of a series written by my friend and colleague 'Cosmic Ray' Keller. Part II can be found at Cosmic Ray’s 'Venus Files' - Part II

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning 'Venus Rising' book series, available on Amazon.com while supplies last.

(Note: The following article was derived from a lecture presented by Buck Nelson, a farmer from Mountain View, Missouri, before the Study Group on Interplanetary Relationships in Detroit, Michigan, on the 26th and 28th of July 1955.)

Buck Nelson Speaks (Continued)

Colorful Mars

I left this Earth with them on 24 April 1955, at midnight. I first arrived on Mars and ate dinner at a ruler’s house. The air is just a little different and I was told that they set the gauges on the ship when I left this planet, so that when I arrived on Mars I would be acclimated, ready to step off on Mars and not feel the difference of the atmosphere. The day was very bright and the Sun was either just coming up or going down; I don’t know which. I lost all track of time in taking the trip.

The buildings were built of rock on the outside and the interiors seemed to be made of steel or iron of some kind. How it was put on I could not tell. I have done some carpentry work but I have no idea how they put a steel finish on the inside. It looked like it was plastered on; but it was definitely iron or steel. The parts of the hinge side of the doors were molded into the door. The only part you could see loose was the pin.

It was a very colorful planet; but you couldn’t tell where one color began and the other ended; it was so colorful.

The people did not that I was from Earth until they were introduced to me. The children came up around me and wanted to ask questions. There are other races of different colors, I am told; but that part I was taken to was most like what I would be used to.

On Mars they use electric power and Sun power.

A Moon Base

Next I landed on the Moon. Again, we went directly to the ruler’s home there and we ate again. The side o the Moon we see from this Earth has deep craters and mountains; and there is snow on those mountains. There is water, but not on the side that we see. There is snow on the mountains on both sides.

The ruler’s home was built in a crater. The first room we entered had a telescope and rock samples on shelves all around it. The Moon is used for a base, they told me, for interplanetary travel. The Earth is the only planet in the system that does not travel from planet to planet. There are homes there on the Moon to house the personnel that keep up the bases. Small towns, you might say. I was told that there are lakes and rivers on the dark side of the Moon, although I did not see any. It was very hazy.

Cloudy Venus

On Venus I had two landings. The first time I ate at the ruler’s home, too. Venus, too, was very cloudy and hazy. You could see but a little distance. The homes there were made of rock and had steel interiors, too. On Venus I saw three floating cities. The Sun shined just as brightly as a typical day on Earth.

Home Attractions

Now I will take you back before I took my trip. There is a spring there in the west part, in back of my house about a thousand feet. The visitors have been cleaning out that spring for me. They use the water for their drinking water, they said. They have come there many times when I haven’t known it and have left some little tell-tale signs, like a rock placed on the post by the spring, etc.

Their dog, Bo, was very smart. He seemed to mind their orders would their speaking to him. I would tell my dog to sit up and Bo would smile and laugh at him.

One time the visitors left a circle of twelve rocks. When they landed again, I asked them what the rocks meant. They told me they were the Twelve Laws of God, as they live it; and they are presented here as I copied them down in the dark, by the light of the interior of their spaceship as it shone out the door:

The Twelve Laws of God

Love: Love your Maker, your parents, your neighbor, all birds and animals on Earth, and everything in the air and sea.

Honor: Honor your God and parents. Obey God’s law which is also man’s law. Do as you wish to be done by.

Obey: Obey God’s laws, your parents and respect the rights of others.

The principles of loving, honoring and obeying God are universal, according to contactee Buck Nelson. Source for painting of Venusian Jesus is ufologist George Filer, https://nationalufocenter.com/2015/11/filers-files-45-2015-astronauts-saw-ufos/.

1. Love your Maker, God.
2. Thou shall not kill. This includes accidents and war.
3. Love your neighbor.
4. Let your light shine before men and all will see your good works. This will reflect honor to you and your Maker, God.
5. Thou shall not commit adultery.
6. Thou shall not steal.
7. Thou must do as you wish to be done by.
8. No other god shall come before God Almighty.
9. Do not take the name of God in vain.
10. Honor your father and mother.
11. Your body is God’s; so do not misuse it in any way. Do not drink or eat or use anything that is not a food. Use nothing to harm the body either in or out. Wear nothing on the body that harms the body or is of no use. God made our body; and is it not good?
12. God made the Heavens and all worlds and we must give Him thanks for what He gives us.


I asked if this was all. The young Earthman, also named Buck, who is now nineteen years-old and who had gone with the visitors voluntarily from his home in Colorado when he was seventeen, said, “We have other rules like you folks do, local and national, but only a few. We mostly live by the Twelve Laws of God, as they cover most everything. Our government is what one here on Earth would call local, or even family-like.”

Midnight Express, Red-Eye Flight

It was 27 April 1955 when I returned home from the trip at midnight. They generally take off at midnight and return then. I was told they could come in at any time but could leave better at midnight.

A detailed question and answer period followed Buck Nelson’s presentation on his trip to the Moon, Mars and Venus. Thanks to a recording of Buck’s talk by Laura Marxer of the Detroit, Michigan Study Group on Interplanetary Relationships, it is my great privilege to share the ever-relevant questions from the club members and farmer Buck’s pertinent responses to them in the next segment of Cosmic Ray’s Venus Files, Part IV, right here on this website.

And if you would like to ask the Cosmic Ray any questions about Venus or life on other planets, do not hesitate to send him an e-mail at rkeller1@mix.wvu.edu. The doctor will be appearing with Omnec Onec, the Ambassador from Venus, along with premier ufologist Laura Eisenhower, at the Promise Revealed Meet the Venusians Mt. Shasta Summer Conference, to be held Wednesday, 26 August 2020 through Sunday 30 August 2020 at the Siskiyou Masonic Lodge, Mount Shasta, California. For event information or to purchase tickets, please call Rob Potter at (530) 925-3502. Until then, in the profound words of Venusian Moon Base Clarion Commander Aura Rhanes, “Work, study, and meditate on all good things!”



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