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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Yosemite UFO, Strange Brightly Lit Field and Black Helicopter Over Los Angeles

3 interesting UFO and strange activity reports from various witnesses

“In 2011, I was working at a youth hostel near Yosemite National Park. A coworker and I got off after a late closing shift in the cafe, and we decided to go chill up at the top of a hill on the property. We drove his Tahoe up there, and sat and talked for awhile.

It was around 1am, and we were in deep conversation. I was in the middle of saying something, when suddenly my friend exclaimed, “look!”, and pointed towards the horizon. I saw it too from the corner of my eye. An illuminated object came flying from around the hilltops in the distance, and toward us. The way it flew was incredible, because it seemed effortless, and almost extra-dimensional(?), without any other way to describe it. It came toward us and stopped at a hover above the valley beside us. It was maybe 30 yards from us. It had orange lights circling around it, and one blue light that stayed still. It was probably the size of a large bus, and made absolutely no noise. My friend and I, still sitting in his vehicle, shocked, got out and just stared at it in amazement! The UFO just hovered there for 10–15 minutes. It did nothing but hover there, and after a while, it started to get too cold, and we had to climb back into the vehicle. It was still hovering there, when our attention became drawn to another light we saw down in the valley below. I asked, “is that another one?”. I’m not sure if it was, but when we looked back the object had finally vanished! We didn’t even see it fly off, it was just gone! That’s when I told my friend to turn on his car and bolt, because I got frightened at that point for some reason.

We darted down the hill back to the cafe, and we sat outside for awhile, in absolute shock, trying to process wtf we had just seen. I had told him, when we were up there, to take a picture of it, because I saw him fiddling with his phone at one point, and I was too dumbfounded to know where mine was, but when we got back, I asked him if he took the picture, and he said no! So, I regretfully do not have proof, but this is my testimony. I wish I had proof, because when we told our boss about it the next day, he just brushed it off and proceeded to tell us some bogus story about a “ghost train”. Ever since then, I haven’t told many other people, because, yeah, it is beyond belief!” NVM


“Late 1990s, I was mid twenties, taking the high-speed train, called the Thalys, from Paris to Brussels. It was winter and dark early. It may have been between 18 or 19h. I was travelling alone, the train compartment was full. We were riding at high speed through north France, through nothing but fields.

Suddenly we feel the train hit the brakes, which is very unexpected. We all wonder what is going on. The lights go out, so it is possible to look outside without seeing your own reflection in the mirrors. Now we are moving forward very very slowly. What I saw there was very bright lights in a triangular shape, just hovering 2 or 3 meters above an empty field. First, I thought it was a football field, where you can sometimes have bright lights alongside to help the players see what they’re doing, but it was nothing like that. The whole place was deserted, it was a crop field with lights above it, nothing humans would set up. I couldn’t really distinguish the object to which the lights would be fixed, just these unusually bright lights in corners of what appeared to be a shape. We all sat in quiet in the compartment. I remember the mood very weird, nobody really knowing what to say. I looked at my neighbor and told him: “well, I guess we have just seen a UFO, haven’t we?” And he replied and said “ well, yes, so it seems". And that was that.

I never reported it, but I did look it up, and there were more reports in the newspapers of sightings in Belgium around that time. I didn't tell a lot of people, not wanting to seem crazy. And I have never forgotten that incredible sight.” CO


“A few days ago (July 4, 2018) I was watching the Fourth of July fireworks near where I live, just north of Koreatown in Los Angeles. I saw in the sky what appeared to be a police helicopter following close behind a vintage looking propeller plane. This plane had one propeller, two long wings and would not look out of place during World War II. The plane was not painted like a military plane though. In fact, I could not see any markings or numbers on it at all (it was night, though, and there was a lot of firework smoke in the air). The helicopter was shining a bright light on the propeller plane's tail. It looked to me like the plane was being “pulled over" by the cops! To me, this looked like a really serious situation in progress. A rogue airplane flying low over the skies of a major US city during Independence Day celebrations. I feared that this might not end so well. The plane and the helicopter continued on their path toward the north-by-northwest; possibly to Van Nuys Airport.

I have never seen anything about it on the news, so I presume that the plane landed okay. But looking back on it, I don't exactly know what I did see. The plane and the helicopter both may be scale-model drones, albeit ones much too large to take off from and land on the average backyard. They could also be manned ultralight aircraft. I could not see any markings on the helicopter either. I did not see the distinctive and familiar black-and-white colors that Los Angeles Police Department helicopters have. The helicopter looked all black to me. Who knows, perhaps it was one of those mysterious “black helicopters" that UFO groups always like to talk about. Did anybody else see this or know anything about it?” RVS

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