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Thursday, March 05, 2020

Solid 'Shadow Person' Sits Next to Witness For Several Minutes

A young Ohio mother is driving at night, when she notices a solid black shadow person sitting next to her in the passenger seat

"Hello Lon, my name is Amanda and I live in Amelia, Ohio, which is on the outskirts east of Cincinnati with my nine year old. I actually have a couple of ghost experiences to tell you about.

The first sighting happened in Delhi, Ohio, sometime in 2010. I had recently had my baby and was still on maternity leave from the store I worked at. My ex-boyfriend and I used to play computer games together. This particular night, he was upstairs in his home office and I was downstairs in the basement, which was the bottom floor of a split level we lived in with his mother. To give you kind of an idea of the set up, walking in the front door you walk into a wooden floor, with wooden steps one set goes up, the other down. Down the stairs and to the left you walk right into what we used as a bedroom, our infant daughter slept in a smaller room to one side, and the bed that I was sitting on was maybe ten feet from the bottom step.

This particular night I was sitting on the bed with my back to the wall with my laptop in my lap but no headphones. My boyfriend had been upstairs playing on his desktop for most of the night and had gotten into a multiplayer FPS game called Team Fortress 2 and this night was playing a series of rounds. Anyway I was sitting on the bed reading on my computer when I heard, very clearly, the sound of someone stumbling down the stairs. Only the bottom half of the split level stairs, so like, front door landing to the basement floor. My head shot up and I looked directly where the sound had come from. I had a totally unobstructed view and saw nothing. Almost immediately after the stumbling stopped, it sounded like a heavy person fell and I heard a very clear voice. It sounded exactly like my boyfriend, and it sounded like he was hurt or very very sick, and all he said was my name. Shooting out of bed, I tossed my laptop to one side and ran to the stairs. I saw no one and no signs of anyone having been there.

Barefoot I ran up the stairs and into my boyfriend's office, heart racing, breathing heavy. Now I will note here, I was 135 pounds at 5'6" much smaller and faster than my daughter's father who stands at 6'2" 260 lbs. the only sounds I heard after that voice was my own steps going up the stairs. I asked him if he was OK and he looked at me totally bewildered. The screen in front of him showed him in the middle of a payload mission. No pause button works in one of those missions. He was neither out of breath or in any position that showed he'd moved from his position for hours, and at his size he can't move silently through the house. When I finally told him what happened he said he hadn't come downstairs since we put our baby to bed. I know what I heard and it was clear as day to my ears. I hadn't been drinking and I don't do drugs or smoke. SOMETHING stumbled down those stairs. I have since left my daughter's father and moved out on my own with my child.

My next notable sighting was about two years ago. My grandmother lives down State Route 32 in the Mt Orab / Williamsburg area. My now older daughter and I had just visited with Mamaw, and my mother and we were heading back home down Route 32. On this highway there is a stretch of road that is 60 mph. it passes by a factory called Huhtamaki, and around that area its lit with widely space streetlights. It was probably 9 maybe 9:30 at night and I was tired but not overly so. My daughter had fallen asleep in the back and I was listening to music. I flicked my eyes to my rear-view mirror and then my side mirrors, and then I usually look out the passenger side window before turning back to look out the windshield. It was a clear, fairly warm night. I got to the street lit stretch of road and checked my mirrors again, but when I looked toward the passenger's side mirror something dark caught my eye and I looked directly at the seat next to me. In the seat, like someone sitting there next to me was a shadow figure.

I will say now, my brain must not have been firing on all cylinders because I wasn't connecting what I saw very quickly but I looked long enough to see this very solid "person" next to me in my car. Out of habit, I immediately looked out the windshield and then glanced back. This time I was able to see a full profile. The head was bald, and the nose was slightly long. I could see where the lips and chin were, it was a full profile. I can't tell you how much of the figure was there because I was not looking down at the time but there were shoulders and a chest and I saw it at least down the bottom of the stomach in the seat. I remember thinking something is very wrong but my little girl was in the car so I had to continue to keep myself calm. Once again I glanced out the windshield and back again at the figure. This time once I looked back I very clearly saw the profile move, like the head was turning toward me. That's when I noticed the streetlights were being blocked out by the shadow in the seat next to me. We passed about four street lights before I glanced back out my windshield, this time when I looked back it was gone. I drove the rest of the way home in a weirdly calm state, I'm not really sure how I managed. When I got home, I calmly got my daughter ready for bed, fed and gave the cat his insulin, sat on my bed and then had one of the worst panic attacks of my life. Like it all came crashing down on me that. Yes, I absolutely saw what I saw.

I've had experiences before, quite a few. One at a hospital where I work, and many more shared by my sister at an apartment we used to live at. So if you would like to hear more please let me know. Thank you for your time!" Amanda

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