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Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Possible Bigfoot Frightens Family at Laurentians, Quebec Campground

A Quebec family travels to a national park in order to go camping and to enjoy the outdoors. They soon discover that a beastly night awaits them. Was it a Bigfoot?

"In the beginning of September, 2014, my husband and I, along with our 26 year old son and his pitbull, were camping in the Laurentians in Quebec at a campground called "Camping Lausanne." It is close to a national park, I knew there were a few reports of Bigfoot sightings in the national park nearby.

We had been camping in our 32-foot Winnebago there for two days and everything was going well. It was a weekday and there weren't many other campers on the grounds.

Before bed around midnight, my husband had to use the bathroom and instead of using the camper bathroom he went to the public bathroom. He was gone for at least half an hour to 45 minutes. I started to worry about him but I didn't go looking for him. It was quite dark. I did ask him not to be wandering around at that hour in the dark of the countryside. He had stopped to smoke a cigarette outside the campsite washroom, then slowly made his way back to the camper. He got back at about 12:30am. At about 1:00 am everyone was sleeping and I was in bed reading.

Out of nowhere there was a loud thump on the side of the camper. The thump was very loud and it hit right beside the window on my side of the bed. The camper rocked like it was pushed, it rocked three times and stopped. It scared the hell out of me. No one woke up, and the dog didn't bark. I quickly woke my husband and whispered to him what had happened. My heart was pounding from fear. He's a hard sleeper so he said he didn't feel a thing. The window is about 8 feet above the ground. Whatever hit the side was tall and strong enough to rock the whole camper.

I turned out the light, so I could see outside. Slipping the curtain aside carefully I looked out the window and saw nothing. My husband said it was probably the wind. But there was no wind at all and it was quiet. It was completely dead air. He then said it was probably a raccoon. If it were a raccoon, I'd have heard it rustling around and how would have reached up beside the window to bang on the outside wall. I'm not stupid and have camped my whole life coming across many raccoons in my time, as well as deer and fox, and once even a bear. My husband went back to sleep after checking things and looking outside the door and the windows. There was nothing there, and he admitted there was no wind at all and it was dead still air that night.

Approximately 20 minutes later there was another hard, loud punch or bang on the Winnebago outside wall, again in the same area about 8 to 9 feet off the ground. And it actually rocked the camper and my husband sat up in a shock, and it kept rocking the camper, probably about 10 times. My husband said why is it not stopping and then it stopped. I don't think I've ever seen my husband scared like he was that night. He wouldn't even open the camper door to inspect outside and he closed off all of the lights. He admitted that it wasn't the wind.

Then he said it could have been a raccoon, but how could it reach the window and why would it bang on the camper like that? We talked and rationalized for awhile after another hour of waiting to see if it would happen again, we went asleep. We couldn't figure out why there were no sounds of hooves if it were a deer or breaths and snorts from a bear, or rustling from a raccoon foraging around for food. It was dead silent, no footstep sounds, no rustling grass or leaves, no foraging noises, nothing. Then we thought, why didn't the dog bark? I kept listening and listening because we had the window open since it was pretty hot out. But we decided to close them in case it was dangerous. We thought it could have been people trying to scare us, prank us or Rob us, so we locked everything and closed the windows and blinds.

We didn't have anymore occurrences that night. We stayed for two more nights. Nothing like this had happened again, it was just that one night.

The next morning we were telling our son and I texted my brother, who is an avid Bigfoot researcher. We didn't leave, but the next morning I tried to reach the spot outside the Winnebago where it was banging and being rocked. I'm 5' 4" and I could not reach that height even on my tippy toes and with my arms out reached. So I estimated it was about 8 or 9 feet high. Then I tried to rock the camper the way it was being rocked and I realized I couldn't even budge it, so I asked my husband to give it a try, he couldn't do it either, it wouldn't budge. Whatever rocked the camper was very strong. Strong enough that while I was in bed my body was swaying back and forth like I was in a boat on wavy waters.

So, I think that cancels out the possibility of it being another camper playing a trick, or a raccoon. Still, if it were a deer, we'd have heard it trampling around a little, and a bear makes noise too, it was so quiet. Eerily quiet. When we discussed it again the following afternoon my husband admitted that it was unusual, and it certainly wasn't the wind. I think that since he went to the bathroom so late at night he could have been spotted by a Bigfoot, and followed back to the campsite. It shook the camper to get us to come out and possible abduct or harm us. We were both pretty shook up. We won't camp there again.

I wanted to write to you earlier but of course fear of being judged and not believed, we didn't tell anyone and left the campground feeling like we experienced something unusual and fearful, yet there wasn't much we could do about it. There were no tracks and nothing was out of place the next morning. Even thought we had left things, like dishes and our lantern, an ashtray on our campsite picnic table and nothing was disturbed." LM


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