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Friday, March 20, 2020

Gollum in the City: Bizarre Humanoid in Downtown Chicago

The witness approaches a bizarre Gollum-like humanoid on State Street in downtown Chicago; an incident that still affects him

“What I’m going to tell you is the honest truth. I’ve had experiences before but this incident, I still doubt as to what I saw. This happened two summers ago (2018) in downtown Chicago.

If you’ve ever been to downtown Chicago during the summer after working hours you know how crowded it can get. I’ve been living here 13 years and I’ve seen my share of homeless weirdos. I commute using the subway everyday and seen some weird people. The city has many and at first that’s what I brushed this sighting off as.

I was walking to the comic book store coming up to State street. There’s lots of shoppers and tourists going about their business when I saw what I will refer to as a homeless man on a corner on his knees. It was only when I looked at him again that I was confused. He looked like a Caucasian man that had a scar on his face that made him look a little deformed. He was wearing an oversized hat, but I could see he was bald. He was on his knees and muttering something partially covering his face. I’ve never stared at someone before but there I was in the middle of State Street shocked and confused. He didn’t look normal. His eyes were huge and I felt really sorry for him. His facial expressions just had lots of sorrow.

I looked around to see if anyone had noticed him. A young boy in his teens with his dad was looking at this thing the same way I was. I heard his dad tell the young boy not to look at him, but I could see the boy was also in shock and confused. He also knew that wasn’t a human. Something about this humanoid was not right. Everyone else who walked by dared not look and ignored this humanoid. It was my signal to cross the street and I walked away but I kept turning around to get a glimpse.

The last thing I remember that was odd was how his eyes blinked. It reminded a lot of Smeagol from the Lord of the Rings movie. He didn’t look real. I think about this sighting a lot and sometimes brush it off as it was just a weird looking homeless human. The more I recall the sighting the more I’m convinced it was not a human. That’s exactly what this thing was doing. Trying to hide in plain sight in front of hundreds of people. It’s mannerisms we’re strange too. The way it kept its head down but occasionally looking up to make eye contact was bizarre. It almost felt like I was looking at a wild animal at a zoo. Very bizarre.” AC

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