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Monday, March 30, 2020

7 Ft Upright Canine Recently Observed at the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, Kentucky

A witness, along with his mother and a friend, recently observed a 7 ft muscular upright canine on a trail at the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in Kentucky

I received a telephone call from a witness in Kentucky:

On Saturday March 28, 2020, the eyewitness, along with his mother and a friend, were at the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. They were hiking in the area of the Elk & Bison Prairie.

They accessed one of the nearby trails that entered the woods. Before they reached the wooded area, the witness noticed a long wide print in the ground. The print was not deep, but there was a distinct outline in which the witness was able to place both of the palms of his hands. The witness didn't have his phone with him, but he was able to get the attention of a ranger who was in the immediate area.

The ranger looked at the print and acted puzzled by it. The witness asked if he had ever seen any similar prints before. The ranger didn't answer, but kind of shrugged his shoulders.

The witness, his mother and friend continued on the trail. After 15 minutes or so, he noticed a creature on the trail about 70 yards ahead of him. The trail was on a rise, so whatever this creature was it was backlit by the horizon. At first, the witness was sure that this quadruped was a large coyote. As he and his party stood and watched, the creature stood on back legs while looking in their direction.

The witness described the beast as an upright canine that stood approximately 7 ft. The head was similar to that of a coyote, but much larger. The arms and legs were canine-like, but very muscular. The chest was broad and its color was darker than a coyote. After 15 seconds or so, the beast turned and ran in the opposite direction at great speed.

The witness' mother and friend ran back up the trail. The witness hesitated a bit, but then realized that the beast was so fast that it could easily double-back and cut them off on the trail. He then ran towards his mother and friend.

The witness called me the next day. He said that he was going to attempt to go back the next day and try to find the print and photograph it. If I do obtain a photograph, I will add it to this post.

This area is well-known for sightings of a similar beast, referred to as the Beast Between the Lakes. Lon

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