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Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Dogman of Hawk Hollow Preserve, Illinois

I recently received the following account:

Hi Lon,

Here’s a personal story that was fairly recent.

We were driving home from my parents’ place in Streamwood, Illinois and went through Bartlett like we typically do. On Bartlett Rd approaching Schick Rd there’s a prairie/forest preserve named Hawk Hollow. That general area is supposedly haunted, especially the park/old school yard nearby.

Now, I’ve known this and have prayed against this entity specifically - dog-like spirit with a human or human-like face. I have never seen it, but the area has had many reports of general paranormal action and this dog-thing is mentioned. I always keep a lookout when we drive through there because deer might jump out and because you never know what you’ll see.

So my wife was driving, and I was looking around (for anything weird and also because I like spotting wildlife). It was dark — around 8:30 pm this past December. I happen to look down for a second (I think I happened to drop my phone or something) and my wife asks, “did you see that?”

I knew what it was before she said anything else.

She knew nothing of my knowledge of the things going on in that area, and I hadn’t disclosed my prayers against any evil residing there. I replied, “did you see something weird?” She said, “I think so. It looked like a shadow that ran across the road.”

“Did it look like a dog?” I asked. She said it did and was wondering how I knew since I didn’t see it. She said it wasn’t a solid animal like a coyote (which we see now and then), she said it was transparent and dog-like but ‘drawn out’ or ‘thin’. I then told her a bit about that area.

It’s funny that it happened to run across when I wasn’t watching.

I think it’s likely aware of God intervening through my prayer, and it’s not very happy with me. That’s fine with me. I know it’s up to no good, and I’m not afraid of it or its brethren. AM

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