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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Chilling Encounter: The Man in Black and the Black Rose

The following was recently forwarded to me:

"This event took place in late 2017 near Winter Park, Colorado at a family friend's cabin. The cabin is in a fairly remote place with few houses around (I've been there twice before but wasn't with my family during this trip as I live in California now).

My family had spent the day sledding and came back to the cabin in the early evening. My parents and their friends were playing board games downstairs while my three siblings and their two friends were upstairs playing. So at some point my mom notices that my younger sister isn't playing with the rest of the kids and asks my other sister where she is. She said that she had gone into her room to listen to music, so my mother thought nothing of it.

An hour or so goes by and my mom still hasn't heard or seen my sister, which was unusual as she generally wouldn't pass up time to play with her friends. She again asks my other sister where she is and she says she is still in her room listening to music. So my mom checks the room to find that she was not there. Immediately my mom goes into a panic and starts screaming her name. No response. Everyone in the house starts searching all of the rooms in the house, but they can't find her anywhere. My mom then singles out my other sister and asks her why she had lied about my sister's whereabouts. She claims she was being honest and that she had been listening to music.

It's been about 2 hours since anyone has seen my sister. My mom goes outside to see if she can find her. Upon going outside my mom tells me about the most horrifying thing she's ever seen. My sister is inside our car with her face plastered to the window, wide-eyed, screaming. My mom said it was like a horror movie. Everyone had assumed she had somehow locked herself in the car. (I'm not sure how a very intelligent 10 year old girl locks herself in a car she's been in thousands of times, but I digress.) Upon opening the door to the car and getting my sister out, my mom notices that she is not behaving normally and appears to be in some kind of trance. They walk her inside and begin asking her questions about what had happened, but she doesn't respond to anything. She remains in this trance state for maybe an hour or two, so my mother gives up and puts her to bed.

In the morning my sister appeared to be acting somewhat normal, but seemed to be shaken up. My mother then asks her how she ended up in the car, but she says she doesn't remember how she got there. She said she only remembered one thing. As she was locked in the car she saw a man dressed all in black approach her. She said she was terrified and tried to get out of the car. Then the man in black comes closer and tells her that he will let her out, but she has to do something for him. He holds a black rose up to the window and tells her that he wants her to come out so he can give it to her. After this my sister remembers nothing.

After hearing this story, my mom goes outside to check the area around the car. To her amazement, she sees a trail of footsteps going from the car out past the house into the surrounding forest. No one had been playing or walking around that area before then according to my mom so she seemed very confused/disturbed about the tracks. We still don't know what to think of this, but my mother said that the look on my sister's face in the car was sincerely terrifying. I'm not sure what actually happened that night, but the similarities of seeing a black figure and being in a trance-like state made me see a connection. If I'm not wrong, I believe Colorado is also a hotspot for Missing 411 cases. I'm thankful my sister didn't become one of them, but maybe she saw something similar to what others have seen before their disappearance." MD


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