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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Bigfoot Encounters: Recently Received Reports

“My family were out at a lake up around Paradise, California. My father is a big man, lots of muscles, he's 6'5" and weights 310 lbs. I had never seen my dad afraid of anything. He was on the other side of the lake, it was very peaceful. At night, in the cabin, we would listen to the wild sounds; bobcat, coyote, owls, dogs, deer etc. We went out to the lake again. We'd been there a few hours, when we heard something yell or scream. My father starts jumping and swimming, while yelling for us to get in the car, lock the doors. This huge hairy-looking beast is running, chasing my father until he jumped in the lake. It stopped at the edge of the lake. My father was standing in the lake it was about two feet taller than my father. I will never forget it.” KL


“I had an experience with a Sasquatch in Georgia, in the Cohutta Wildlife Management area. The experience was unreal, and scared me to death, because the Sasquatch I saw killed a deer in front of me, and saw me watching him. Too long to describe in detail here, but let’s just say I NEVER will go back in the woods before daylight again. Even to this day I still have nightmares about the encounter, and can see this creature standing maybe 30 yards in front of me. It was so close, and also terrifying.” SA


This was in near Bryan, TX like 20 years ago. As a kid most all of my time out of school was on our small farm, or on larger ranches, mostly hunting and field trials. Horseback riding, fishing and camping was a way of life. I’ve spent a lot of time in the great outdoors so to speak. I have also always had 20/20 vision.

Anyways this was a huge ranch and I was with a few other friends while an adult was driving. The kids were in the back of the truck. On the ranch there were cattle guards crossing the road at fence lines so that trucks could drive through without messing with gates. It was dark but there was enough moon light to actually see when out in the open away from the woods.

As we were driving down one of the long gravel roads back to one of the guests houses to sleep, I saw what looked to be a huge 8 foot hairy ape looking thing pop up and run out from under a cattle guard and into the woods. For the longest time I thought that someone was playing a prank on us kids but nobody ever said anything about it. I’ve never hallucinated or seen anything else all that strange (that couldn’t be explained) in my entire life.

I probably told a few people but nobody ever believed me so I just assumed I was seeing things but that doesn’t really add up, now that I think about it. It wasn’t dressed in clothing I could see that if it was a man that it was a very tall man in a monkey suit, I don’t even know how it fit under a cattle guard. It also moved so damn fast, I saw it dart from the cattle guard to the tree line and vanish in a matter of seconds, which is another reason I don’t think it was a man in a suit...it was fast almost as fast as a deer running across the road.

The hair was a grey/off white color. Maybe grey brown.

Ayway, it feels good to share. KR


It was the evening hunt and we were hunting a small pond that was at the edge of a open pasture but the other side was thick with massive Pines and Cypress trees. This was in northeast Texas. We all noticed that the majority of the birds were flying in from behind us and by the time we saw them they were over the water. So, I figured if I snuck around to the other side I would get them coming straight at me. Dad and Boyd circled to the left and I went to the right with my dog. Ten minutes into my trek, Apple (my dog) stopped and pointed nose in the air...then directly whimpered and backtracked back to the truck. I called for him a couple times to no response. I noticed up ahead maybe 20 to 30 yards was a huge Cypress tree with a stump of an even bigger one closer to the water. Good spot I thought.

As I got approximately 20’ away from that stump it turned around and glared at me! Then directly stood up and rotated its body facing me. It was classic description. At least 7’ tall and if I was to guess I would say 350-450 pounds in weight. It was dark brown / gray in color and huge in general. I briefly looked to my left and could see my Dad and Boyd directly across the pond 75/100 yards away. I looked back in front of me and all I saw was the movement of grasshoppers flying away from bushes moving. (If you ever spend any time outdoors you know what I’m describing with his exit). I turned and ran so fast to the company of my fellow hunters never looking back.

I told my dad about my encounter and we looked in the general area around where the “stump was” but never saw a glimpse after that day. I have heard of sightings in this area but for some reason a skeptic I remain. I know what I saw. But it’s hard to rationalize the events that day. I have dreamed of that encounter 4/5 times since and it’s always the same. It’s the what if’s that haunt me. If I had a camera would I have been able to catch a CLEAR VIDEO OR PHOTO? Where did he go? Is there more? Why has no one ever recovered bones or a carcass? We find skulls of creatures that are thousands of years old. Why is this creature so elusive? PB

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