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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Weird Highways: Dad Ran Over a Ghost / Strange WV Incident

1975 – London, UK “Not sure if I've told this before on here or not? But this is my Dad's story. Just to explain, he's ex British Army, not scared of anything and super practical. He became a lorry driver about 1975 I think this was not long after he started. So this happened about 5:00 AM on a summer's day. It was a bit misty like you get some mornings early but bright, and he was heading out of London on the A3. He's driving his lorry, and up ahead was a young woman, early 20s in a long blue dress standing by the side of the road. It must have been before the A3 was duelled, and all the barriers were put up. So Dad sees her, thinks she's waiting for a ride to work. Just as he's about to go past her, she jumps in front of his lorry. He immediately slams on the breaks, as he's sure he's hit her, but he didn't feel a bang but where else could she be? Couple of cars stop to see what's going on, Dad shakily explains and the drivers kindly offer to stay while he looks for her under the lorry. Dad looks, and she's not there. Other drivers look and there's nothing. No body, no blood, no sign of anyone. They all freak out a bit and then decide leaving asap is a great idea! He can't explain it, he knows she was there and he hit her. He spent the rest of his driving career avoiding that route.” MC


May 2018 - Nevada, USA “I have a weird Nevada story. Last May, I went for the first time to Las Vegas, and rented a car to go see the desert (also my first time in a real desert), with the intention of taking photos of the starry night sky as far away as possible from light pollution. I drove all the way to Rachel, then after the sunset, I started driving back toward LV. I stopped here due to the wide shoulder. I set up my tripod and camera, and started taking long exposures. While I was doing that, I heard footsteps. I had a good bright LED flashlight so I turned it on and as I started to go all around the car, the footsteps stopped. I scanned in all directions, saw nothing. Maybe it was my imagination, so I continued taking more photos. The footsteps start again, and again I scanned all around with the flashlight. The footsteps stop and I see nothing. I walk back to my tripod and camera, wondering if I should take more photos and I hear more footsteps! So I grabbed my gear, threw it in the car and got the F out of there.” WB


"I have two freaky things that have happened. First, middle of the night with a buddy and we pulled off to the side of the highway to relieve ourselves and switch drivers. Nobody else around on the road. I walk to the side, pitch black. My buddy is just stretching his back or whatever. I heard something in the woods shake a tree. No other way to describe it, a tree about 30 feet away shook. Then I hear something BIG crashing through the woods coming straight for us and the car. My buddy and I don't even say anything, he dives in the driver side and I jump through the passenger window, pants still down. He floors it out of there, legs and pants dangling outside. Never did see anything in the rear view mirror but there was something out there coming at us. My buddy likes to say he heard me stop peeing when that tree shook.

Second, I was solo somewhere in West Virginia, again middle of the night. I got off an exit, one of those long curvy ones. I saw lights before I got off and assumed it was exit stuff, or maybe even construction. Get to the exit and it's not construction, it's a ton of Army or National Guard guys. The exit was lit up brighter than day time, so many lights set up pointing everywhere. The Army guys were completely decked out, gas masks on and assault rifles. They were sprinting around. One guy at the corner was frantically waving me through to get back on the highway. I gunned it out of there. Looked in the news later and didn't see anything, no idea what was going on that night. I was at work. Yes, it was a dirt road. I was trying to get into Kanawa State Forest, but I had no cell signal and no map, so I was kinda winging it. I went back a road that was really scenic, rhododendrons, rock faces, steep mountains, etc. I thought I had to be near the forest. And really everybody I encountered up to that point by had been very nice, they all just wanted know where I was from because I didn't have a heavy accent. But then there was the MPs, they didn't know the meaning of nice, and I was too damn scared to argue. I had to back up for a good 1/8 mile or so because I couldn't even turn around, they escorted me to the main road, gave me directions to Kanawa and to the interstate and I was happy to be rid of them. So any clue what was so secret back that road or what happened? If it was a mine access road, could there have been a mine gas explosion or were they mining specifically for the military? I can't remember exactly, but it was either a Tuesday or a Wednesday. I had been staying in hotels on the weekends and camping and hiking during the week. I was really trying to avoid the weekend crowds of campers and families. It was two weeks before memorial day weekend. Like I said I didn't want to run into all the families doing their start of summer camping trips and parties on Memorial Day weekend. It is probably possible they were doing a training exercise during the week also, but I just found it odd the way they acted about it. I've seen the National Guard do some training and preparedness stuff and they usually tell you straight up that it's a training exercise. These guys didn't say anything to that effect and they were adamant that I was trespassing and had to leave Now! It just felt much more "real" than a training exercise. I don't know though, it's possible they were just taking their practice very seriously.” TX


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