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Monday, December 23, 2019

Unexplained Humanoid Incidents

“A really small human-like creature. This hasn't actually happened to me but this has happened to my dad somewhere around 1972 (he was around 13 and he was told to take his grandma to her house as she's elderly) he and his grandma where walking through a field at night and eventually came across the road where his grandma lived on at that time where he lived there were absolutely no streetlights. The only light source might have been something coming from a different house. Halfway through the road he heard scuttling and really squeaky talking. He turned around and could just make an outline of a really small human figure (he said roughly the size of a stray cat) he said it had 2 arms and 2 legs. This was the point when he ran to his grandma and told her but with her limited eyesight she said she couldn't see anything. From that point onwards nothing strange has happened. Could it have been an animal of some sort? or was it really something human-like? It was in Ukraine and theres no folklore about it.” PR


“Has anyone ever encountered small black creatures? These things still haunt me. They are abnormally black like the color of charcoal. Their bodies are shaped like Boiling Flasks, that's the closest thing I can compare them to. They have eyes that kind of look like a dark glass void (almost like an insect's eye), and inside them are blinking lights that dart around all over the eye. I encountered this thing when I was in Boy Scouts, about 11 years ago, at a summer camp when we were out doing survival training. This thing stared at me from a hole beneath a large tree that was across from where I had made my shelter for a good 30ish minutes. There were 3 of them that I saw and they eventually disappeared down the hole. I didn't make any sound because I was afraid they would attack me if I did. I was freaked out and didn't tell anyone but my tent mate the next day. He thought I was messing with him so I just stopped talking about it. I've looked all over the internet because I still have nightmares about these things to this day, and I can't find any comparable stories for reference. Does anyone happen to know of anyone else encountering small black entities similar to what I described here? Maybe I'll try to draw a picture of what they look like. But that's not it. No these were not easily identifiable animals. They had no fur, and their bodies were like the color of soot or ash, except for the eyes which had these weird glowy lights in them. These things were a foot or more tall, they stood on two legs not like a rodent or anything similar. These were not rats, they were a foot tall and standing on two legs. I know what rats look like.” PF


"I was in the car at night on the way home with my mum about 5 years ago. We were on a dark road and something ran in front of us causing my mum to slow down quickly. The thing was running on 4 long limbs and was not a fox or dog as it didn’t look like it had fur, it looked like a human with really long arms and legs but it was running so fast it was almost a blur. My mum does not believe in ghosts or creatures or aliens but even she was seriously freaked out. We talk about it every now and then and we both agree it was one of the most spooky things we have ever experienced." LS


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