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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Massive White Bigfoot Chased Vehicle in Rolla, Missouri

I recently received the following account:

I saw a Sasquatch up close when I was about 10 years old. I am 42 years old now but remember it like it was yesterday. There where a lot of people in the area who had seen him or evidence he had left behind. My mother and other family members would go park on a gravel road almost every weekend where he had been spotted. Most times we didn’t see anything but one night we where sitting there and started hearing rocks being thrown at the car and caught a foul smell. My mother decided it was time to go, so she started the car and began to drive off. When she turned on the lights I saw a massive upright dirty white-haired creature that fit the description of a Bigfoot running alongside the car at the edge of the wood. After a 1/4 or half mile it turn in towards the wood and vanished behind the trees. I do remember how he pushed trees aside as he made his path way deeper into the forest. It seemed 10‘ tall and very fast considering he was able to keep up and pass out car driving 35-45 miles an hour. I don’t believe he was dangerous or wanted to hurt us. I think he was just curious. JH

I asked for further information from the witness:

It was just outside of Rolla, Missouri on a side road off State Route V. Since then they have cut down much of the forest and put in an industrial park. I’m sure the big guy has moved on to a more secluded area by now but that incident was something I will never forget. It was the kind of activity my mother and sisters used to love doing on the weekends. We would go park on the side of this rarely used gravel road where there had been many sightings. People's fences close by had been trampled down. One lady even claimed to seeing the Bigfoot peeking in her window. I only actually saw him once but knew he was there watching us on several occasions due to the smell and rocks being thrown at the car. I clearly remember one time I was sure I saw something move behind a tree. Then a short time later a car on a nearby road came by and when I went to look hoping to see something in the headlights the tree or what I thought was a tree was no longer there. The forest at the time was located north behind what is now the Hypoint Industrial Park. JH

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