Friday, December 20, 2019

Investigating Bigfoot on the Dine Navajo Reservation, NM

This is a follow-up investigation to the Shiprock, NM sightings on August 17, 2015:

The last time I reported on the Crypto Four Corners investigations group, it was a location near the San Juan River in the vicinity of the Four Corners. It is the homestead of George Harvey, including his mother and his siblings. George had previously chronicled the behavior of the Sasquatch during the many years his family has lived on the property.

George Harvey, Nicholias Begay and the rest of the Crypto Fours Corners have been investigating local sightings, while Jc Johnson continues to research areas in northern Minnesota.

Recently, The team documented a 'Furry One' sighting that took place approximately 5 miles from George Harvey's homestead. The location is still within the Navajo Reservation and along the San Juan River. This particular sighting is believed to be one of the family group members from the previous habituation report. This small family group is part of a larger clan of approximately 17 individuals who roam within a 100 square mile range.

You can watch the video ---> Another Backyard Bigfoot - Navajo Reservation

The witness explained that he and his son noticed a large black figure sitting on the rocks behind the property. The boy stated that he was playing basketball in the backyard and saw the large being watching him. That's when he alerted his father to it's presence.

The witnesses took photos of the Bigfoot...unfortunately, the cellphone only had a 1.1 mega pixel camera. Jc suggests using a minimum of 5 mega pixels in order to pick up detail.

Nicholias Begay mentioned that he traversed the rock face and ravine where the Bigoot was seen and where it traveled. He explained that these beings regularly sit on the rocks watching people and traffic.

George climbed up to the bluff and indicated where the brush had been trampled the entire length of the rock face. He believes it's possible that the Bigfoot sleep there since it offers decent cover. There is also a natural spring that runs along the ravine.

Watch the gives an excellent perspective of how the 'Furry Ones' habituate in this rough terrain.

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