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Monday, December 02, 2019

Bigfoot Communication Heard / Observed in British Columbia

I have a story for you, but it's strange and I'd like your input.

I recently met a friend of a friend. And after some drinks he told me a really bizarre story. A few years ago he was serving in a fire watch tower out in British Columbia one summer. He explained that it was mostly boring as sh*t. Until one day, as the sun was going down, he heard some really strange screams. He described them as being really short, maybe 4 second screams that started off really low and guttural and went on to end in a really high pitched screech.

He said he heard these things calling to each other for about 15 minutes. Some were far away and could barely be heard and some were really close to him. They yelled back and forth before suddenly stopping. And the rest of the night was normal. He heard these sounds for 2 days, always as the sun was going down and they always lasted 10 - 20 minutes.

Anyway, on the 3rd day as he was out for a small hike he heard another scream during the middle of the day. But this one was longer and didn't go up in pitch, he decided to end his hike there as it may have been an angry animal. He then said that as he came into a small clearing he could see off in the distance two beings standing by a small creek. He described them as average height, with like burnt tangerine colored hair all over them. He watched them for a few seconds, one standing at the creek and another a small distance behind it. The one in the front bent down into the creek for a few seconds then stood up again.

At this point he yelled out to them to see if they would move some more. When he yelled, they both stood completely still for a second before jumping back into the brush. It was kind of funny, he said they hopped into the woods like a kangaroo would. Just a few leaps and they were gone. He told me that for 3 more days he heard the screams at sundown but never saw anything weird. And then the screams just stopped.

And that's the story. He says he doesn't believe in Bigfoot and that the entire legend is ridiculous. But he knows he saw something strange. He thinks he saw 2 bears that day, and the calls could have been anything. But he admits that it was behavior he has never seen or heard again in any of the animals living out there. I believe that these were Bigfoot. SB

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