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Friday, December 20, 2019

15 Ft. Blue-Eyed Gargoyle Summoned in the Ozarks

This story is only partly a first hand account. Events that may have led up to this point come from my friend group at the time. They were trustworthy but I only saw this thing once. A lot of the really intense encounters with the paranormal for me were in these woods beside where my friends lived. As for the previous events, basically I had this one friend who had had many encounters and dealings with various beasties and I learned a lot from him. The other two friends believed but not as deeply and poked hornets nests often and just did all around stupid stuff. Found this old book on satanic witchcraft (not that that in of itself is stupid), drawing sigils Willy nilly, pronouncing Latin wrong, started doing drugs experimentally (cocaine and heroine) but stopped, and cleaned up but they still did stupid stuff. They wanted tangible proof of this sort of thing.

They found an abandoned shack in the woods, drew some summoning circle in red spray paint in a window, and put some of their blood on it and did a ritual of some sort. Nothing happens. A couple of weeks go by and they are walking through the woods and they get all panicky for no reason like their flight or fight goes into overdrive and they get lost from the panic and see this thing in the tree tops following them. They finally make it back home and tell my other friend (the intelligent one) what happened and he thought they were just freaking out and it was probably nothing.

Another week goes by during which they tell me and we all make plans to hang out. We were outside chit chatting, smoking cigars, and enjoying the night. All of a sudden I happen to look across to the other apartment building and I see what looks like this massive hand gripping the roof and see this tail swaying but it’s giant. I ask them if they see it too and they did. We go around trying to debunk this.

The trees were down a hill and weren’t visible from the other side but then I see these bright blue eyes look at us on a massive head. We go back towards where we were in case we need to bolt inside and we can see better in the light. We keep watching and this very muscular arm hoists up this thing on top of the roof and it lays across it like a 15 foot long muscular cat. It was dark so it’s hard to say for certain of the color but it didn’t have fur and it looked dark grey. The head looked like it had horns but again it was dark. There was definitely something there but we weren’t sure what. It gets off the roof and hear it slide on the gravel down the hill and tear back off into the trees. Nothing else spectacular happens that night and so ends my personal account.

However they told me later that the two buddies, who did the so-called ritual got so freaked out, went back to the shack and destroyed the circle with a rock and didn’t close the summoning. They refused to go hiking there anymore after they told us that they saw this “15 foot tall, skinny gargoyle, no wings and blue eyes with no pupils, chased after them when they tried to go in”. Something freaked them out because the “edgy Satanist” and militant atheist started attending evangelical Christian churches. The only thing I know for certain is what I saw, the rest could be completely made up. I researched Ozark cryptids but couldn’t find anything that matched. My more experienced friend said he thinks they did summon a demon and severed its way back/hold they had on it so it attacked.

I really don’t know what it was. WB


Hunters' Missing Time

Collins from Griffin, Ohio called to tell of a weird experience he had:

“When I was young, me and my brother and my dad, we would coon hunt. I assume you not what that is. Well, we were running after a dog and we seen this orange light way up in the sky and we thought, oh, well, that's cool. So we kept on going through the woods and a little while later we noticed that it was way on the other end of the woods following us through the woods. It freaked my dad out and my dad was wanting us to take cover and all this... but then, all of a sudden, before we realized what happened, we were all back at the truck, like time fell out. Yeah. We were scared. (Church asks what the dad thought of it) Well, he told us never to speak of it. Never say of it. We were never allowed to watch Star Trek or anything scientific based, science fiction, nothing like that. Never allowed to watch anything like that. Me and my brother didn't know, we were just doing everything my dad said, you know. One time we were in this show and this one man starts talking about how he seen this UFO and all this and my dad keyed up and said, Yeah, my god, I seen the same thing. It freaked me out that my dad was saying all this. Totally blew my mind. And right then I realized why my dad never would let us watch that because it must have been a UFO.”

Source: Fade to Black with Jimmy Church – December 19, 2019


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