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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

'What happened in that apartment?'

“My very first experience was when I was about 14 years old. I was hanging out at my friend's house and we had just woken up from a sleepover. I was about to go home. When I was 14 my parents were separated and it was my mom's week to have me. My mom lived in a different neighborhood, my dad lived in the same neighborhood as my friend. I walked to my dad's house to get some sketchbooks that I had left at his house. I wanted to bring them to my mom's house.

I went up to the side door of my dad's house to unlock the door, went inside, went up to my room, and grabbed my book. As I went down the stairs I just got this sudden feeling of dread and sorrow. I was about 5 steps from the ground and I looked at the wall where the side door lead outside. There was a window maybe two feet to the right of the door but in between that was just wall. But at that second I saw a huge black shadow move as if it were walking. It looked more like a reflection of someone walking on the other side of the kitchen, so I looked over and there was nothing there. I looked back at the wall the shadow was just standing there. I sprinted out the door and locked it. I could never be in that house alone again.

My second experience occurred at my mom's apartment when I was probably in 8th grade or so. This experience ties in to two different things so I'll give the whole story. When we were going to get the apartment, we wanted to know the history of the building because they told us we would have to wait a week to be able to go in. They had to repaint the whole apartment and lay new carpet down. Legally you have to supply information on the history but they refused to tell us why they had to change everything out. The building was not that old either. It was maybe 10 years old, very nice apartment complex.

So on that note, we moved in to the apartment and a few months later my mom was alone in the apartment when I was at my dad's house. She called freaking out and told me, "I was laying facing the bathroom and I opened my eyes and saw a little girl in a night gown sitting on the edge of my bed. She got up and walked into my bathroom and disappeared. I'm so scared." I thought that was pretty freaky, since she was alone.

Then a few weeks later I was home with my brother after school and I was in his room talking to him, went to go into my bedroom on the other side of the apartment. While I was walking through the hallway I look at one of the pictures hanging on the wall. You could see the reflection on the glass of the edge of my moms bed. I only saw a quick glance of it since I was walking, but I saw a man in all black sitting on the edge of her bed. Then I walked backwards and looked at the picture frame again and saw him standing at the door. He was wearing an all black tuxedo and had a blacked out face with bright white eyes. I turned around very fast and nothing was there. I ran into my bedroom and didn't come out until my mom came home.” IDG

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