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Saturday, November 09, 2019

Old Black-Eyed Man in the Neighborhood

I work in a factory during the graveyard shift from 10 pm to 6:30 am. This night I was actually working my 6th day in a row for overtime. I have had this job for a while now and I am used to this kind of schedule. I am bringing this up because typically after I get home I am still wide awake and tend to sleep later in the day. I was totally alert when this happened.

I ended up leaving work early since I completed a lot more orders than usual and I was on my way home around 4:30 am. I turned down the side street that leads to my apartment complex and I immediately notice it is quite dark as the streetlights are not illuminated. The suburb I live around uses streetlights that have sensors so they light up when people walk by them and turn off by themselves to save energy. As I noticed it was dark I decided to turn on my brights on my car. I am only 6 blocks away from home at this point and I come around a small bend in the road that leads up to a children's park and the only stop sign on this street between my apartment which is a few blocks further. I notice something in the middle of the road. My first thought was it was some stacked garbage that maybe blew off of the curb into the street, but as I drove closer I slowed down as I realized it was a person walking down the street with their back to me. It seemed like an old person, a very old person actually by the way they were walking. I slowed down a lot because it was very odd I didn't know if they were going to jump in front of my car or what since there are well maintained sidewalks less than 10 feet for them to use. The next thing I notice is the clothing. The person was walking slowly, almost waddling, and was wearing a hooded jacket with the hood up and their hands inside the front pouch, sweat pants, and soaking wet slippers (due to the light rain) without socks. This person was about 3 car lengths away from the stop sign and I was close now getting ready to stop and ask if they needed help or something. As soon as I was just about right behind him (adjacent) this person which I then saw was an old man with wrinkly and very pale skin, whipped around insanely fast and stared at me. My brights were still on and I could see how pale his skin was and then I saw the pitch back eyes. No whites in his eyes just black. I was immediately filled with terror and almost froze up, but I floored it and sped the last few blocks to my apartment, parked, and sprinted inside locking all my doors, and windows.

The next day I realized that none of the street lights were illuminated on my whole street when this happened even though it was within distance to trigger the sensors. I couldn't sleep at all that night. This happened April 2017. AF


Bus Stop Doppelganger

“I remember having an odd experience back in January of 2013. It was during the morning time at 8:00 AM while I was waiting for my mom at the bus stop. She called me to meet her at the bus stop that's why I walked there. That particular morning my mom took my sister to middle school at the time. It was over fifteen minutes of me waiting at the bus stop. Then I seen someone that looked exactly like one of my former high school classmates. I saw the person walked up to the bench. It was definitely a doppelganger not look alike. The only difference was height. This person sat next to me on the bench. He didn't say a word just looked at me. I was looking the opposite way towards the road. When the bus approached he got up and walked off. My mom had gotten off the bus. I walked away with my Mom after the bus arrived and left. I looked back and he looked back. Then I looked a split second later the person was gone. How could someone disappeared like that out of thin air. I told my Mom and sisters about it. They didn't seem to believe that I seen such a doppelganger. I've read if you see a doppelganger that meant something bad will happen.” BG


Intervention by 'Young People in White'

“September 11, 2018 I was in Hospice at St Francis Hospital with spinal meningitis; 108 degree fever, acquired from a suspected air conditioning vent. After an 11 hour back surgery to take out my L5 and 6, which was broken in half and pieces of bone floating through my spinal cord. I suffered a heart attack and saw with my eyes open several young people in white helping me. I saw them all with my eyes wide open and noted the clock go from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM. I asked my nurse, who came in with her blue issued work scrubs, who were the people in white and she said she never seen anyone in white or in my room, at anytime. I left the hospice after 2 months, after my X-Ray MRI revealed my L5 and 6 miraculously had been replaced by an hour-glass cartilage and my fever was gone. I was studied for a year by several doctors and specialist and as far it was explained to me that the extreme high fever I had for months had possibly stimulated the cartilage growth formulating an hourglass spine, and the conclusion was only the hand of God could have knitted me back perfectly back to full health.” EC


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