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Monday, November 18, 2019

Evil Witch Appears After Pueblo 'Deer Dance'

I saw this in Santa Clara, NM on this day they did the "Deer Dance" (Zuni Pueblo). Here's the story I shared with a lady about what I saw.

My friend danced that day I speak of and it was the Santa Clara Deer Dance. That night it all ended, Me and my homie who had danced went outside his home to smoke, and so we went into his car. My buddy lives in Santa Clara Pueblo, pretty close to the river and is actually like the last line of houses before you go to the Bosque (forest). Anyways after we were done I got out of car and started hearing bells, and I thought heard them before, so I looked around but couldn't really see anything. Then I realized, it was the same sound the dancers were making, because they have bells around their ankles and bells around the sticks they carry to imitate the legs of deer when they dance. So it makes this rhythm as they stomp there feet and sticks. I knew NO ONE should be dancing this late (10 pm) so I thought it was so weird. Then across the street where the light from the porch light couldn't reach no more, was a stop sign, and besides this stop sign was where the bells were ringing in rhythm.

First I see a shadow of a person dancing. It was wearing Deer Dancer attire, except it looked like something the ancestors use to wear. Today they wear leathers and skins, but this one was wearing a loin cloth. But something was odd about it, so I stood watching it and it was like it was hypnotizing me with its dancing. Then I realized it was taller then the stop sign, that's like 10 -12 feet at least! So I look again and and I realize it's a giant shadow being that is like 12 feet tall, dancing like it wanted me to catch it, like they do here but only women are suppose to catch the deer dancers before dusk, and feed them. It had HUGE. Elk horns like 6 ft across. The body was huge also width wise. I'd say the arms were 2 ft in diameter, the thighs were like the same equal proportions, the torso was like a barrel, probably 4'-5'ft in diameter.

The shadow being was muscular. just ripped like a body builder. At that time my friend comes out of the car and asks what is that noise. Me being stuck just couldn't say anything but stare. And then he sees it, and starts spitting at it and tells me to get inside quickly, he goes and tells it something in Tewa (Tanoan language spoken by Pueblo people). Then he comes inside and I was like what was that and he just says it's a Chugg? (I found out that it means - an evil witch) I still don't know what means but that was one of the most biggest shadow people I've ever seen.

This happened around the summer of 2009-2010 in Santa Clara Pueblo, 1 mile west of Espanola, NM 15 miles east of Los Alamos. M


Flying 'Glimmer' Being

The thing I saw was not a machine. I have no idea what it was but it was close to me and flying.

On a very cold winter night in '92 or '93 I stepped out to the car at about 10 pm and looked up (Bridgton, Maine). It was exceptionally clear and starry. Right away I saw movement above me. Something was moving, rapidly twisting and turning like a bird, like birds in a fight over some scrap. This thing was about 60 ft above me, looping back and forth within an area of less than 100 ft. It was about 5 ft across and it was transparent. It looked like it was made of glass, like a glass sculpture the way the stars behind it were distorted. I can't say for certain that it had wings but it moved like a bird. I got the sense that it was angry, distressed or just plain pissed-off. I would not have seen it except for the exceptionally starry night and the light from the stars behind this thing streaking/shifting/distorted.

I watched it for about 3 minutes before it went out of sight behind some trees. I don't think I can properly convey how fast this thing was moving in tight twists and turns. If a person had body language like this I would say they were out-of-their-mind-angry.

I've never heard of anything like this. GA


Glitches, Grim Reaper and Aliens

I have many stories. First. I woke up on a Saturday morning it was 8:43 AM and I went to the bathroom for a quick piss. Probably took 45 seconds or so since I was in and out. When I got out and looked at the time it was 9:44 AM I have no idea what happened. Second. I was alone in my house with my old dog Toby. I was getting a snack at my moms room when my dog was staring out of the room with his ears raised. He only does this when he sees a person so naturally I looked out the room. In the kitchen there was a tall black robed entity kind of like the Grim Reaper. He had no face or body, but the robe was not transparent like a ghost, it was solid like real cloth. He was staring right at me and when he noticed I could see him, he turned around and walked out of the kitchen. I ran to the kitchen area and there was nothing there. Third, I was preparing to go to bed for the night and put on relaxing videos and put my headphones on. I was almost asleep when the whole room lit up, like if a nuclear blast had happened. There was a huge rumbling sound, so loud I could even hear it with my headphones on. All I saw was a bright white light, like seeing the sun but at night time. The rumbling subsided and my eyes adjusted to the brightness. I was in another room. Not in the house, somewhere I've never been. Before me are 4 "Aliens", their skin grey in color, with large black eyes, no nose but just slits, they seem like they wore no clothing, their body skinny and bony in appearance. Large hands with fingers longer than normal but only 4 fingers in each hand. Then one of them pointed at me and I fell unconscious. I woke up the next day back in my bed. My whole body was paralyzed and slowly I regained control or my body. Weird thing is, I don't believe in Aliens. I do now. LG


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