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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Bright-Eyed Pale Humanoid in Michigan Field

I recently found the following account:

To provide some context, this took place about a year ago (more accurately October/November of last year), near my home in Michigan. For reference, I'm about an hour away from Detroit. A used-to-be small town that's become more densely populated over the last decade, with a lot more hustle and bustle. However, where I live, I'm -at least- one mile away in all directions from any commercial zones or more modernized residential areas that tend to be a bit congested. It's one of the last stretches of slow, old farm country in the town that hasn't been overrun with cookie cutter subdivisions. My house was built in the 70's by my grandfather, with whom I still reside, along with my husband, daughter and aunt (we are his caretakers, while we save up/finish school to afford our own home). There's a sizeable lot or three of land between our house and our neighbors on either side. Might be worth mentioning that growing up, my friends always said my house looked like a house you'd see in a horror film, due to its setting amongst dense trees. Some of the trees have been cut down to prepare for more houses but fortunately for us, the builders violated multiple codes, I guess, so now there's a bit of overgrown, expansive field. Anyway, I'm rambling, just an inherently descriptive person trying to paint as detailed of a landscape possible for anyone else who might find it helpful.

So, it's an autumn Sunday evening and the sun had been down for a bit. Most of the leaves had fallen by now but I recall it being an unusually 'warm' night, for that time of year. Everyone in my house was winding down for the night and preparing for the work/school week. I'd say around 10:30, I decide to let my dogs out one last time before turning in for the night. I go to open our back door, which is a giant glass sliding door-wall window, and my dogs are right at my feet behind me, ready to bust out of the door as soon as it opens wide enough. I'm glad I didn't let them out because I guarantee if they saw what I briefly did, they would have both charged toward it and it would have just been bad news bears. I open the door and where the edge of our yard ends and the brushy field begins (keep in mind, this brush is a bit taller than I am, I am five feet tall exactly) a pale, grey-ish figure is standing amidst the brush at the edge of the yard. The only reason I noticed it in the first place was because the noise my door made seemed to have startled it, so it made noise in the dry, fallen leaves, which then caused me to direct my attention towards this noise. Which is when I saw it, fleetingly, duck down and take off further into the field behind my house. It's difficult to describe but due to what I saw, being familiar with coyotes, feral cats, and other animals I'm used to seeing around the property, it had remarkably 'human' characteristics, given its height and how it crouched over before moving in bound-like strides into the field. That's another thing I noticed was that it didn't make the sound of what a human would, or any animal that is native to this area for that matter, would make in retreat. The pace wasn't quick, multiple steps like a human, deer or coyote. They were like... lengthy, bounding strides. And the sound it made hitting the ground had weight to it. The tread was not light, I guess is what I'm trying to say. It sounded big.

It kind of took my breath away and I was left startled myself but due to what I did see, believing what I saw to bear resemblance to a human, I sheepishly call out, "Hello? Is someone out here?" I'm still standing in my door way, kind of frozen in mild fear. I yell again, "Hello?" This time, a bit more confident and enunciated. This captures the attention of my husband and my aunt. My husband comes downstairs to see why I was yelling outside, as did my aunt. I explain to both of them, kind of frantically, what I had just witnessed. My aunt was spooked and my husband went upstairs to get a flashlight and his air rifle (I am an animal lover and I don't like the idea of him shooting any animals, even problem animals, with something that can do serious damage like a 'real gun' so he uses an air rifle but it can still wound and kill small game, like a raccoon).

My husband and I both go outside into the back yard, him with the rifle and light, we begin scanning a pitch black, overgrown field to no avail at first. Maybe after five minutes of looking, my husband hops on top of his sedan that's parked outside to get a better view of the field or any movement through the brush and continues looking. His gaze stops in one particular direction though. He hops down and quietly approaches me in the yard and points into the direction of what he was looking at. About 20 yards into the field, in the direction closer toward the back of my neighbors property, there are two glowing orange-red eyes looking right at us through the brush. Somewhat low to the ground. When he gets me to see what he's seeing, he decides to shoot in the general direction of this thing to maybe startle it a bit, to see how it moves. He did this several times and it didn't flinch. Then he decided he would try to aim his fire directly at it, to get a reaction, and he's a damn good shot. He hits it in, what I imagine to be the face, and it sort of jumps up and when it landed, it was a solid sounding thud against the ground. All the while, it did not break its gaze on us. After hitting the ground, it moved further back into the field without 'running away' necessarily, it kept eye contact with us the entire time. Almost as if it was walking backward, not once averting its gaze. It eventually moved far enough back that we both had to jump onto the car to still be able to see it. After several minutes of this, it had moved beyond our visual, so we hopped down and went inside.

It's worth mentioning that there wasn't any sort of light that would cause reflective eyes, aside from the moon which wasn't even full and it was very dark. We purposefully kept our lights off and the eyes looked as though they weren't even reflecting light but more so emitting it.

Do with this what you will but I and my husband both know what we saw and given the frequency and variety of animals we see normally otherwise, this was significantly different than what we see. We have deer, coyotes, foxes, possums, raccoons, skunks and feral cats, all of which we are very familiar with.

We have not seen anything like this prior to or since this time. Although we do hear strange sounds and noises in the field and the woods from time to time at night. My husband has actually woken me up in the middle of the night to listen to some strange moans and whaling, but that hasn't happened since earlier this year.

I felt it was valuable to share in the sense that not all encounters are ones where whatever it is, is inherently malevolent or predatory, in torturous pursuit of humans. It was just an experience that struck me as particularly odd. SG


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