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Thursday, October 31, 2019

RUN! Final Warning At My Mother's Home

I recently came across the following account:

Prior to 2016 I lived in Palmdale, California. My sister "Honey" and my youngest daughter lived with my mother in a rented townhouse apartment in Oxnard about two hours away. Every week or two I made the long drive to take them shopping and clean their house because they were both disabled. My mother was my heart and my sweet sister helped raise me so anything they needed I was there for them. On the first floor the kitchen was in the back with a door that opened to the backyard, then a big open space then the living room and the front door. On the right the bathroom and my mother's bedroom, the stairs were on the left with a half wall railing going up to the first landing. My mom was sitting in her lift recliner on the right facing the base of the stairs.

One night we were all sitting in the living room watching a show with the lights on and my daughter was upstairs in her room. We were laughing at something we saw on TV when I saw something on the stairs. It darted down the steps real fast peaking up at me then ducked down behind the railing followed by a cold chill that entered the living room. My mother commented that it was cold and pulled her robe together. At first I thought it was my daughter playing tricks on me but when she didn’t pop up I felt concerned, I said: 'mama did you see something?' Because she had full sight of anything there. She said: 'No dear, I thought I did but there's nothing there.' That’s when it hit me and instinctively I knew what it was and where it came from.

I ran up the stairs and burst into my daughters room. “WHAT DID YOU DO?” She looked at me with her eyes wide, she knew exactly what I was referring to and started apologizing. I told her to tell me what she did to bring it into this house. She proceeded to tell me that when her girlfriends were there they thought it would be fun to summon a spirit. Then they tried to reach the father of one of her friends who passed away two years prior but she said something else came through and it scared them so they stopped and her friends ran home without even saying goodbye.

Well, I was furious, “How dare you play with something you don’t understand.” I told her that I knew she was just trying to help a friend but for heaven's sake I warned her years ago never to mess around with things she didn't understand and had no control over. I was thinking that not only do I constantly worry about my families health now I have to worry about this. I asked if she at least closed the door and she just looked at me with a blank stare, obviously she did not. She said they made a Ouija board out of paper and when they were done she ripped it up and threw it away.

"That door had to be closed." We gathered the pieces and she called her friends, two of them were too scared to come back so we had to perform the closing without them but in the back of my head I knew that it didn't work and it was still there hiding. At that point there was nothing I could have done viewing the circumstances at the time.

Fast forward to 2016.

I had an opportunity waiting for me in Washington State so I begged and pleaded for my mother and sister to go with me but my sister Honey was fanatically scared of change and although my mother desperately wanted to go with me she couldn’t leave my sister's side. I wish now I was more persistent. So I moved, reluctantly leaving them with my daughter and her now husband to take over their care. Within those two years my eldest sister Honey’s health severely declined and my mother shared with me eight months after I moved that she was diagnosed with stage four cancer. I flew and drove back and forth to be with them and every time I showed them pretty pictures of my new life and our beautiful green surroundings, asking them to return with me and every time Honey would say that she was too apprehensive to leave and said no.

2018 they both passed away, my mother from cancer and my sister from an existing illness taking a big part of my heart and my soul with them. My daughter and her husband moved out leaving all of my mother and sister's things there. Somebody had to put their stuff in storage and of course it had to be me, even though I was the youngest of six I felt it was my duty. I drove there with my two grandchildren 8 and 4 because at the time because there was no one available to watch them for that long a time period.

When we arrived the place was in shambles, dirty dishes and moldy food lined the counters and was piled up in the sink and it looked like soot all over the floor. Mom and Honey’s personal belongings were strewn around the house and in my mother's room a barricade of trash piled up all the way up to her door, in the middle of the floor in the open space was a full length mirror I had never seen before hanging off a wooden ladder. I just stood there and cried. I set up a clean spot in the living room for my grandson to play on his tablet and my granddaughter wanted to help.

As I was bagging things up in the kitchen I noticed her just standing there staring into the mirror. I didn’t think anything of it but she kept standing there, then I heard her say to me while not looking away “Nana can you get rid of this mirror?” I thought she wanted me to move it but she was adamant that it be taken out of the house. I asked her why she looked so scared and she told me that while she was looking in the mirror she was standing alone. She couldn’t see anything in the reflection around or behind her, just darkness all around her and something was coming. I looked at the mirror (not at myself) and it did look very dark. Say no more, not only did I take it outside I smashed it into little pieces and threw it in the trash can.

We decided to sleep in the living room and it took days to even come close to being done. This was the last night and we were alone, I just mopped downstairs so I locked the doors and all the windows in the whole house and we slept upstairs in the bedroom across from my daughter’s old room, we hunkered down on some mattresses on the floor, I always left a light on in the hall. I’m reading a book online, my granddaughter had fallen asleep next to me and my grandson was on his tablet at the end of the bed. I was getting sleepy and my grandson started to yawn, he looked up from his tablet and his eyes got big then he ran to the door shouting “SPOOKY” and slammed it, running back he quickly got under the covers and got as close to me as he could making me feel very uneasy. I could see movement in the hall dimming the light around and under the door making swirling strange shapes as if someone were pacing followed by surges of blackness and wisps of cool air coming from the space under the door.

That night was long and I felt on guard until I finally fell asleep as well but woke up hours later and had to go to the bathroom but I was too scared. I was waiting until daybreak but I couldn’t wait any longer. I slowly opened the door fearing for what was waiting for me on the other side. There was nothing, but I knew there was. I could feel it. I tried to be as fast as I could and I left the bathroom door open so I could hear the kids then I ran back, hearing a swoosh behind me. I slammed the door and laid holding the kids until daybreak.

I received a call from my sister later that morning, she couldn’t understand how we had been able to stay in that house. When I asked her why, she told me that when she was there grabbing some boxes of pictures she heard noises coming from my daughter's room upstairs. She said it was loud and she felt an evil presence and everything inside her told her to leave, so she did. She also told me that my son-in-law (from which I had no knowledge of at the time) was practicing black magic and summoning dark energy in that room. Not cool!

Late that afternoon everything was done, the kids were in the car and the car was packed. I just wanted to look in my mother's bedroom one last time where she used to sleep. These walls held so many memories, I felt like if I looked hard enough I would see her laying where the bed had been and in my mind telling me not to cry. As I stood in the doorway a chill went up my spine, the hairs on the back of my neck and my arms started to raise and I could feel something closing in on me. In my ear I felt a warm breath and heard one loud word, "RUN!" I ran out of the house so fast not even locking the door, as we were driving off my granddaughter asked me who that was standing in the window upstairs. CM


UFO Description

July 9, 2019 – Portland, Indiana, USA. “My best-friend is a mural artist and does most of her work outdoors. On July 9th of this year (2019) she was painting a mural on a building in Portland, Indiana and was able to capture pics of a UFO with her phone's camera. She sent me 3 pics and a video clip of it when it shot away like a flash. In 1981 I had a UFO parked 20 ft above my roof and front yard. I got to see the underbelly and then ran out the back patio door to see it better and it was still there. It appeared to have a magnetic field surrounding it. I could see what looked like the wavy pulsing lines in a mirage on hot pavement. It had turned from a gun metal surface to an opalescent glowing appearance. I watched it slowly move southeast away from me and was somewhat wobbly. After moving away farther and farther I watched it suddenly turn up and shot away so quickly up into the sky then disappear. The disc I saw was more shallow than the one my friend took pics of. Also the saucer she saw had a short vapor line behind it but the one I encountered did not have a vapor line.” R


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