Thursday, October 31, 2019

Possible Wendigo Encounters

This was back in high school, prom night. I was a sophomore just helping take down decorations, so no booze for me, full disclosure.

I was 16 and it might have been 1 am by the time I was driving home from the train station where prom was held (actually a really nice venue, TBH) in rural southern VA. At the time I drove a 1994 F-150, which was built like a tank. I wasn't super familiar with the roads around the train station, but the one I was on had cornfields on both sides for a few acres back, then it turned into deep woods.

So I'm headed home doing maybe 45 when all of a sudden half of my truck pops up and down like I've just hit the mother of all speed bumps on one side, and having just got my license, I was like 'oh f*ck me' so I pulled over to make sure I hadn't blown a tire. I put the truck in park and look back for a second and see this huge mass just laying in the middle of the road that 100% was not there when stopped.

My first instinct is 'I just killed someone's dog' and my heart drops. I've got my hand on the door handle, ready to go see if this dog is OK when the hair on my arms stands up. On instinct, I look in the rear view mirror to see the thing getting up. And at first I was stoked, maybe surprised that is was bigger than I thought, but stoked that it was alive, and then it really stood up.

Like, on two legs.

Mind you, this was all illuminated by break lights in the middle of fucking nowhere, and I was pretty freaked out. But when it stood up, I could tell it was kind of hunched over, and even then it was almost as tall as the 9 or 10 foot corn in the fields. Massive rib cage, emaciated, long face, hollow looking thing just stands up and looks dead at me before shuffling across the road back into the fields.

I drove home, cried a bit and went to sleep. Found a massive dent in my fender the next morning and knew I had really hit something. Messed me up for a good while and now I still don't like driving at night. BB


What really ATTACKED our horses?

My sister and I took a ride on our horses a few days ago and I would say our horses are fairly spook proof. They sit still when we shoot rifles off there backs so when they got spooked at a tall dark twisted figure in the corner of the woods we flipped out and booked it back to the barn. We rode them straight into the barn sucking down so we wouldn’t get knocked off they ran straight into there stalls. My sister was in a separate stall opposite me with her horse. We locked the stalls and bolted the doors shut from the inside. This was a feature I never thought we would need. Dead bolts on the inside of a stall and wood window covers there was no way inside. I heard it chase us what ever it was had been following us closely through the field I think we barely escaped. I didn’t even notice my horse was bleeding on her left hip. I felt her kick while we were riding away but I didn’t think something had actually got her. She was sweaty and I could see the white in her eyes. I stood away from the window and the door.

My Father must have seen us or it because we heard gun shots coming from the right side of the barn going towards the field.

I called out to Cheri (not her real name) asking if she was OK. She was but her horse was hurt just like mine.

She asked if I saw what it was that scared the horses. I told her I barely saw anything. To be honest I still don’t know what it was. But it was thin and dark, and smelled rotten. It left claw marks deep in our horse back sides. They’ll have matching scars but I don’t think they’ll let us take them back to the woods. They haven’t left there stalls for two days.

My dad described it as a really mutated and mangled dog he shot at it when it started to run into the barn he made it bleed but we haven’t found the body. To be fair he was pretty far away from it so he didn’t see it really good.

What is it? I’ve heard of skinwalkers and Wendigos so I thought I’d post my story and ask

We have no clue to this day. But it always comes back at the end of every month without fail and kills our livestock. It hasn’t come this close to us before but now it’s become a scary problem. EP

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