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Did White Owl Encounters Cause Abnormalities?

About ten years ago I was driving around the lake roads with a friend, late at night. We come up to this white owl sitting in the middle of the road. I might have thought nothing of it, except for it didn't move. I stopped my car in front of it, tried honking, flashing my lights, and it just stared us down. So I creep around it.

We get up the road about two miles more, and turn a corner. There in the middle of the road is this really long, slender, white figure sprawled out, taking up nearly the entire span of the street. My friend and I freaked out, like I swear she even yelled "is that a f*cking alien?!" From a distance, it did distinctly look like a humanoid figure, with a notable shoulder formation and limbs.

So I drive up a little closer to it, and it becomes clear that the thing is another white owl, with it's wings spread out, like it was dead or taking a defensive posture. I'm not sure. I had to drive partly in the grass to get around it, the whole time my friend freaking out "go, go, go, go, let's get back into town."

Looking back there are definitely a couple weird things about that incident other than the weird coincidence of seeing two white owls behaving strangely out there, in a region where white owls aren't that common. The first weird thing is that the way the figure appeared to us from a distance was so different from what it became when we got up close. My brain doesn't really like processing it. The other weird thing is that the figure was so long. I don't think that any owl has a wingspan as long as this wingspan would have had to be for it to take up the entire road like that.

Then about three weeks later I was with two different friends, driving around again. I had my window down, and a white owl swooped down from the trees. You could see it leaving the trees from the front windshield, but there was no time to react, before it nearly flew into my open window. I remember seeing its face there, like inches from mine in that split second before it veered back up.

This was shortly before I developed really bad anxiety for the first time. I got home one night that summer after I'd been out pretty late, and I had a sore throat. So I looked in the mirror, and in the back of my throat, on the wall just past the uvula was a hole, about the size of a pencil eraser.

It was a very perfect shape, and it had smooth edges, like it wasn't a wound. There was no puss around it, no bleeding. It made no sense at all. I understandably freaked the hell out, rushed in and made my mom look (I was about 18, still living with my mom). She didn't believe me at first, but then I remember seeing the look on her face go from skepticism to horror when she actually peered inside my mouth.

But when we got to the hospital, whatever had been wrong with my throat was fixed. There was no evidence that a hole had ever been back there, aside from my mom and I both insisting there was. The doctor basically treated us both like we were crazy and said it was physically impossible for there to be a disappearing hole in the mouth.

After that I had horrible anxiety for years. I quit smoking, and developed an OCD-like obsession with washing my hands and checking my throat. That mystery was never solved, and it's honestly a really horrible moment in my life that's taken me years to come to terms with. LL

NOTE: I suggest the witness read 'The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee' by Mike Clelland. I also went through bizarre events involving owls. Lon


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Zamboanga Peninsula, southern Philippines. “One early morning last May 1992, in the vicinity of Zamboanga Peninsula in southern Philippines, I saw a disc-like-light which I thought was the planet Venus in the sky. Suddenly it moved going east with an amazing speed then came back to its position. Then the object moved again but in slow speed going to the east. The UFO stopped above a black thick nimbus cloud. Tons of sea water was sucked by a black thin cloud that looked like a hose and became a water spout, then black nimbus cumulus clouds developed within the vicinity. There was a heavy rain after the disappearance of the water spout and the UFO.” TA

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