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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Black Humanoid Encountered in DC Suburbs

This happened about 4 years ago. To this day I keep wondering what happened to come across my sister, it was winter time here in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. I live with my family in a neighborhood not far from Washington DC (Dale City) so it's not to say we're in the middle of nowhere. Although, our home is very close to a few decently large wooded parks. One night I was at my then-girlfriend's place up near the city, I got a phone call from my sister around 7pm, which in winter time makes it pretty much night time here. I didn't think anything of it, usually she calls me for random things she needs my insight on. A bit about my sister, ever since she was little she loved horror movies, growing up with her I can tell you first hand that she isn't easily scared, she loves the paranormal.

Alright, so back to the call. I picked up the phone and first thing I realized was her voice breaking up, she was sobbing and could barely talk clearly. Instantly my mind started rushing with horrible thoughts about what could of happened, she kept telling me to come home, as soon as possible. I asked her why? Is everything okay? She wouldn't say, she just kept asking me to come home. Obviously I got in my car and rushed home. The neighborhood is very dim, there aren't many lights, only the few solar powered garden lamps from surrounding homes. As soon as I got home I ran inside, asked her again what happened? And she finally started explaining. About half an hour before she called me, she went outside to grab a few things from her car, again, it was dark out but when the car is unlocked the headlights turn on. When she opened the door to the car, the light was shining from the driveway to the roof of the garage, she noticed it first from inside the car. A short, bipedal, human looking thing, standing on 2 jet-black muscular legs. At first she said she thought it was a raccoon but this would have been obvious to her. But this thing, it scared her to the point of crying, while she was in the car. Her view was obstructed from the rest of the creature, which was crouching, and from what she described, it was scratching at something on the roof. Trying to get in? Maybe, but she wasn't going to stick around to find out. She got out of the car pretending to not have spotted it, this thing...it acted in a seemingly intelligent way. She thought "maybe if I act as if I didn't see it, it will just stay up there and not try to attack or anything" but as she walked behind the car, she heard it stand up right. Startled, she looked directly at it, the whole description she told me was as follows:

-Jet black, smooth dolphin skin like legs and arms.

-5 digit hands and no claws

-Dreadful looking, very dirty fur/hair? Covering it's head/body.

The face, is what was disturbing. The face had 2 shining yellow eyes that glowed from the car's headlights, no nose, just 2 slits. And a very wide mouth with no lips.

She took off when she made eye contact. As soon as she was indoors she called 911 and an officer was dispatched to our house. He looked around back and tried to see if there was any damage or sign of someone climbing the roof, no footprints, no damage. It was all in place. The officer just told us to lock the doors and windows and left. It's not like my sister to be terrified to the point of calling the police. Whatever this thing was though, I can only imagine what it was actually like to witness something like it in real life. To this day, both me and her get extremely uneasy arriving home after dark. X


UFO and a Smashed Window

“I have a little story time. I don't know if it’s much but it’s pretty scary. So one night, my friends and I were having a sleepover and we were playing hide n' seek in the dark. I was going to be the seeker and I was counting, when the floor started to shake at a very fast rate and my friends window shattered all over the floor. We were all extremely scared and terrified. When we looked out the window, there was a very bright purple streak in the sky with a silver spaceship-looking thing in the sky and we all seen it. When we ran to the parents in the house, they didn’t feel the ground shake and didn’t see the “UFO” we saw. All we had was a shattered window. We all never spoke about this since it happened.” MT


Stopped by Police After UFO Sighting

“So when my mom was younger she and her ex were leaving his weekend cottage which was on a hill and there were no houses around, just woods. So they were about to leave and they were putting on their helmets when they saw a huge UFO literally right above that cottage. She said it looked like it was about to land on the roof. It doesn't sound realistic I know, but, hey, my mom's not a liar. So they sat on the motorcycle and stormed off. They were soon stopped by some police officers and they thought it was because their driving was too fast but the officers didn't say anything about the driving, instead, they asked if they saw anything, what were they doing there... they had to show their ID etc. But they haven't said anything about the UFO. When they let them go, they met with their friends and told them what happened, nobody would believe them and they thought they were crazy.” DI


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