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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Unexplained 'Weird Kid' Encounters

Here are a few more unexplained BEK and other weird 'kid' encounters:

I've started with a new routine, so I bought a bike.

Decided I would go a 11pm to midnight stroll before heading home to sleep. Supposed to say I didn't after this.

There is an canal system in Glasgow perfect for cycling so I followed it quite far out with my light and bell at the ready in case I crossed paths with someone although that's probably not likely given the time of night.

I got off my bike at a bench. There is a wall behind those bricks where disused railway tracks, decommissioned in the 50s.

My phone started to play up and the light from my phone seemed a bit weaker than usual. I followed the light across the muddy canal and to my horror i saw what looked like a boy and a girl in the small island in the middle. I asked if they where okay but didn't get much of a response. I asked again do you need help, I can call the fire brigade police or whatever. Just as I said that my phone died. I only had the moonlight to go on now .

Remembering the light from my bike I turned it on and scanned the area again there was no one there. Thank God nothing else came of this as I was sh*tting myself, replaying not to scenes in my head. I cycled home and freaked out a bit. Turned my phone on when I got home it had 61% so WTF happened? Nobody believes me, but that's life. DB


I live in Brookhaven, in Atlanta, and in a good neighborhood. Although I live in an amazing neighborhood, there are a set of 4 duplexes right on the same road next to each other, with large, new homes surrounding us, and I live in one of those duplexes and all my duplex neighbors are fellow millennials that are trying to make it. Except the one to the right of us. We don't know who lives there, rarely see anyone come or go, and even my neighbors in the rest of the duplexes have no clue who it is that lives there. We have both back doors to our duplexes, and front doors as well.

I'm in the backyard, letting my dog out at about midnight and I see something very strange: A child goes to a neighbor's door in an "old-fashioned" dress. This was a little girl at midnight, in what I would describe as an Easter Sunday type of dress: pleated with a big bow on the back. It was dark so I just saw her outline with the silhouette of the dress and bow with her long hair. She looked the height of a six-year-old but with no adult accompaniment. When I saw her I immediately was scared. I think because I immediately my brain went down the path of: "We've seen no kids there ever, it's midnight, she's wearing funny clothes, my neighbors and we think this guy is a shut-in, OMG, is this a BEK?!?!" But also even talking about it with my husband, all my hair just raises on end. I scooted outta there fast to avoid it, but I wonder if that was a BEK trying to get into that person's back door? AG


I live in rural Vermont and am an amateur author. It's my hobby you could say. But I've been interested in BEKs for quite some time and wanted to write a book about it. However, I've been doing research on BEKs for about a week now and two nights ago my wife and I were awoken by a knock on our front door at about 2:40am. It was a pretty loud knock, not smashing but just loud thuds in three's. I told my wife I'll go downstairs and check it out. However when I got closer to the door I had an odd sensation of fear come over me, it was a very strange feeling that I can't really explain. I hesitated for a moment, ten seconds or so. But then I "bucked-up" and opened the door and to my surprise it was just a kid. At first I thought it was the neighbor's kid who lives down the street as he's around that age, 13 or 14. He had his head down and was wearing a dark grey hoodie on.

I asked him kind of angrily what he wanted. He then continued to stand there and say nothing. I then raised my voice and said "his name" and that's when he looked up at me. I don't believe I've ever felt fear like that before in my life. His eyes were completely black, not to mention his pale skin. I slammed the door in his face and locked the deadbolt. It was defiantly NOT the neighbors son. I then proceeded to run back upstairs right by wife to get to the window to see if I could see him but he was gone, just like that...gone. I've gotten barely any sleep and cannot stop thinking about this and just can't make sense of it. I've since stopped all research for obvious reasons. DA

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