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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

'Black-Eyed People' Encounter Accounts

I recently came across a few interesting accounts:

My friend and I are walking around my neighborhood at night cause we were really bored. We passed this park that's in my neighborhood and we heard singing. So we looked over at the park and saw a little girl all alone sitting on a swing. She had long brown hair, a pink polka dot dress and a red bow in her hair. We couldn't see her super well at first because the park wasn't super well lit. So we kept walking passed the park because we felt this overwhelming fear when we saw her without any cause. But as we were walking, still looking at her, she turned her head and stopped singing (she was singing 'Ring around the Rosy') we were walking a bit faster at that point. But I felt drawn to her, even though I had this overwhelming fear I also felt like I should go to her, but I fought that and I kept walking. She then stood up from the swing and started walking.

When she walked out towards the street (which we were on the other side of) she went under the street light. Then I saw it. I made clear eye contact with her and her eyes were pitch black. She then started to run towards us, which only my friend noticed because I was caught up in looking at her eyes. My friend grabs my arm, pulls me and yells "BOOK IT!" We start running as fast as we can down the street. As soon as we got to my porch and my mom came outside, we turned around and she was just gone. After that I had sleep paralysis of her just standing in my room staring at me with her dark dark eyes. I had a dream about her and always felt some sort of presence around me but I never actually saw her out there again. But anytime I'm outside at night I always feel an extremely strong fear of seeing her again. CH


I was with a few of my friends. We drove down an alley to get to a parking garage. Standing in the center of the alley was an old lady with white hair wearing old fashioned white clothes. Even from a distance I could see she was staring at me. As we got closer I noticed her eyes were completely black. I started shaking and I didn’t really believe what I was seeing. I really thought that I was fabricating it in my mind because of having read about it previously. So I asked my friend in a shaky voice “does that lady have black eyes?” And he replied “dude, what the f*ck man”. And his voice instantly became shaky. We just turned around and went in another entrance to the parking garage.

When we walked by the alley again a minute later she was standing in the same spot. Every moment she was in sight, she was staring into my eyes. It was extremely unsettling, but nothing came of it.

My friend wasn’t just messing with me. We both saw her piercing black eyes. Glad I didn’t have to talk to her. I was shaky enough as it was. She looked to be around 70 years old though. Really odd experience. FG


I wanted to share a story my dad has been telling my family for a long time. It took place about 15 years ago (2003).

We used to live in Mexico. More specifically in Mexicali, Baja California, in an urban area. This story is a bit different since he saw a woman instead of a child but it still counts, right?

So, one afternoon my father was doing the usual when he heard some knocking on the door. He quickly answered and was met with a caucasian woman, a bit on the chubby side wearing some really old clothes that looked handmade and clearly weren't from this time period. She was looking down at her feet. She told him "Me da agua señor?" ("Can you give me water, Mr.?") to which my father replied "Ahi está la manguera" ("There is the water hose"), but the woman insisted on coming in. My father told her no. So she looked at him straight in the eye and that's when my dad saw it. Her eyes were completely black. She walked to the side of the house and proceeded to defecate on the side walk. My father lost track of her after that, and the next thing that happened was a bit weird. From that day onward for about a month an owl would constantly fly and stand on the same place where she defecated.

My father isn't usually a superstitious fella. Even though it may sound a little bizarre, he has always told the same story. AR

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