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Monday, September 30, 2019

Bigfoot Incidents: Louisiana, California & Kentucky

“I grew up in the outer suburbs of Shreveport, Louisiana, and my grandparents had a lake-house where I live now on Lake Bistineau. My summers were working the gardens and cleaning catfish. My winters were deer and duck hunting. Later in years, I took up turkey hunting and still love hunting and fishing. But due to odd things I've encountered in the forests in some areas, I wont hunt those particular areas any longer. The torn up deer and hogs scared the crap out of me. As well as noticing the dead quiet sections of forest where I felt very odd being there and had a creepy feeling. Not much in the woods scared me.

The first time I ever heard of any Bigfoot or Sasquatch was after the Boggy Creek movie. I've hunted all around that area of southern Arkansas and never saw or heard anything odd or out of place. That doesn't mean boogers weren't there, I just had no idea what to look or listen for. I damn sure do now after several odd and scary events. Since those days I've learned a lot more and I've seen prominent evidence of what could be boogers, especially off a 12 mile bayou that runs off Caddo Lake. On the back side of an old game reserve that borders that same bayou is where we got chased down by something screaming at us and ripping and tearing through the briers on the bank. It was pissed that we were there, big-time! We were frog gigging that night it happened in July. Once all that crap on the bank started I immediately cocked my .45 auto and slid a slug into my 12-gauge all the way down that bayou to the landing several miles downstream. I had nightmares about that damn thing for several years.” CK


“I saw a Bigfoot back in 1978. I was 19 then and was night fishing in a small lake in California. I heard something moan like a woman in travail. Then it grew louder. Then I saw a tall black shadow figure across the lake. It stopped and gave me a stare. I froze. Then I felt as if I was being surrounded. I looked up at my watch. Then it was gone. I heard something crash in the bushes behind me but I was forced to go that way. I was waiting for it to grab me. I kept my rifle raised. I went through unharmed but it was very quiet. I went to my truck and as I was driving off, I caught a glimpse of a shadow gorilla type figure and I sh*t you not, it had red glowing eyes. I floored it and never went back.” AI


“We hired a fishing guide last year to take us bass fishing on a Kentucky lake at night, on the Land Between the Lakes side. It was a full moon that night, no noise or nothing. He told us about an encounter he had in Turkey Bay on LBL side. He said he was fishing alone back in there and got his bait hung on the bank and as he went to retrieve it, this big thing shot up the bank into the woods screaming and growling as it ran. About 30 yards, it stopped and was still screaming. Needless to say the guide got out of there. Turkey Bay on the LBL side above Rt.68 Bridge.” TE

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