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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Unknown Bipedal Creature in Campbell County, Kentucky

I recently found the following interesting account:

I'm from Alexandria, Kentucky and I saw something last night (August 1, 2019) that I couldn't entirely explain. Last night was 'Midnight Madness' for our school. It's basically some stupid football event during the summer but everyone goes to see people they haven't seen over summer. I went with my two friends and one of their girlfriends. We got there around 10:45. My friends and I were getting pretty bored of the event and my one friend had just bought dabs. For those who don't know dabs are like a concentrated form of weed.

We got in my buddy's car and were looking for a place to smoke. We were driving around this subdivision that had very thick forests all around it. We settled on this abandoned house and decide to smoke in the woods behind it. My friend was setting up his rig and we realized we had forgot the water for the dab rig. A dab rig is basically a bong for dabs and it needs water or else it will be very harsh to smoke. Well we had parked a little bit down the street so no one would be suspicious. Nobody wanted to go back to the car because it was a 5 minute walk back. So I decided to go back for the water.

While I was walking back I heard scratching from behind a nearby house. It kinda freaked me out but I thought it must of been a dog or an animal. I made it to the car and got the water a started heading back. As I was walking by the house where I had heard the scratching, I began to hear it again but then I heard what sounded like a footstep kicking up gravel when someone starts trying to run. I turn and see something that has kept me up all night.

Now keep in mind I am a 6'2 - 17 year old guy, so I am bigger than most things. And this thing that I saw had me easily beat in height by 2-3 feet. It was slender but with long almost stretched out limbs. I couldn't really make out anymore details because It was pretty dark. The creature was running from one backyard to another. I never saw its face only its body. It ran on 2 feet but it was faster than any person I have ever seen run. Hell it was faster than anything I've ever seen run. The creature made it from one backyard to the next (about 50-90 feet) in about 3-5 seconds. I was standing in the middle of the street about 30 feet away. I stood there for a second in complete shock. Then I ran as fast as I could to my friends. I ran through thorns and bushes to make it back to them. I ran and told them what I saw. I'm not too sure if they believed me but the panic in my voice was enough for them to know I had seen something. We all packed up our rig and went back to the car.

I have been up all night trying to find out what I saw. The two closest things I have seen on the internet is something called the 'Dover Demon' and something called the 'Wood Devil.' I never saw its face so I'm not too sure what it was. Also know that I was 100% sober when I saw the creature. PC

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