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Monday, August 05, 2019

'Shapeshifting Entity' in the Alaskan Wilderness

Rian in Fairbanks, Alaska called to tell her strange encounter story:

“My dad and I were hunting in one area we didn't like to frequent much because my dad had a bad experience back in the 70s that he didn't like to talk about. Short version: Something hunted him.

He never saw what it was but it hunted him. We were back in this area and I was about 13 or 14. We had been hunting for the whole day and we had stopped to take a break. So my dad went behind one tree and me being a girl, I went for the bush. I was sitting there with a 30-30 and I saw my dad walk around in front of me and go up onto the ridge we were hunting on. I go, 'Oh, well, he's done,' so I go and finish up and I climb up out of the bush and come up behind him.

So, we're hiking back in and I'm following him and my dad was one of those people who always had to look behind him to see who was behind him, if it was anyone he knew. I'm following him and I'm following him... or I think I'm following him and he's not turning back and looking at me and about a half mile hiking behind, something just set off in my head, like, "This isn't my dad." I'd hunted with the man since I was 8, so six years, seven years out in the woods with him, I knew my dad pretty well.

So I just stopped and said, "Hey, turn around!" He didn't stop and turn around. Even if he had been screwing with me, he would have turned around. Whatever this was, it didn't stop. It kept walking and it walked around a spruce tree in front of me and disappeared and I'm standing there. I cocked my gun. I'm like, I'm walking behind this person. I could hear their footsteps. I could see the light hitting their body and it just stepped around a tree and disappeared. I'm not a person that believes in things unless I see them. I've been in the woods most of my life. I'm looking dead on at where this person disappeared and something comes running at me. I can hear it but I can't see it. It was like 'Predator' (the movie creature). I can see the light being displaced by it. It was running at me and I opened fire. That's how my dad found where I was at, because he heard the gunshots. I opened fire but I don't know if I hit it. I've been trained never to shoot at something unless you saw what you are shooting at. That's gun safety 101.

Well, nothing dropped and it didn't seem like I hit anything but my dad comes running up onto the ridge. Wwe get into an argument because he thinks I'm just randomly shooting. And I'm like, "I'm not just shooting things, you know, I was following you." We finally hash it out and I tell him, "No, you walked in front of me. You walked up onto the ridge. I followed you because you were done relieving yourself and I've been hiking behind you for 20 minutes now. Someone or something walked around that tree in front of me and disappeared and something ran at me that I couldn’t see." My dad's said, "Let's get the heck out of here." So we noped out of there.

That's the area where he told me had the encounter in the 70s. He'd been hunting in that area and it was getting close to dark and he always carried a hand-cannon along with a rifle. He always carried the hand-cannon in his hand because that will stop a bear. He kept hearing something behind him and he thought it was a bear so he circled back and circled back but never got this bear. He was almost to his pickup truck and this thing was about 30 feet behind him. This is a clear trail back then so it hadn't grown up. He looked around and he can't see it. So he pulled his .44 and right when it was about ten feet behind him, he turned around and there was nothing there. But the entire trip back he said it was just like something was just standing on his neck and he couldn’t see it.

I haven’t gone back to that place. I even told my husband, I've been hunting since I was 8, I’m not scared of bears. I'm not scared of lynx. I'm not scared of coyotes. But you cannot pay me to go hunt back in this area. I believe that it was a shapeshifter.”

Source: Midnight In The Desert with Art Bell – December 14, 2015

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