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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Cryptid Creature / High Strangeness in Rural Kentucky

This is a recent strange event that I followed on Reddit:

I'm very paranoid and need answers. I live in Kentucky. It's very backwards and rural here, and although I've lived here for a year, I'm still not used to the extreme amount of woods and isolated areas. Coming from the beaches in Florida, things are very different here, and it's still taking me a while to adapt to my surroundings.

I live in my parent's house in a rural area. Although it's next to a highway, it's not necessarily the most populated area, with two gas stations and a dollar store. That's it for about 20 minutes in all directions, decently rural in my opinion. Anyway we live on an acre of land and about 30 yards behind our house is a large 150 acre farm belonging to a farmer. Keep in mind we've never seen this guy before but he does plant his crops.

Anyway, enough of the basic information. For the year we've lived up here there's been a lot of weird sh*t going on. To name a few, there's been times where I've seen ghost, I've heard random noises, and although aliens may not be considered "paranormal" I swear to you I've heard high frequency noises and seen lights in the sky. (We do live around 30 miles from Fort Knox so...could be military stuff perhaps?)

Now, this is where the road takes a deep turn. I, as well as my family, have noticed that NONE of our surrounding neighbors (about 6 of them) is out past around 9pm at night. Now, I can understand that, but I mean there were always at least a few people up and about during the night where I came from. But there's not even a single late night party or anything here. Nothing at all, these people DO NOT come out at night. I thought it was odd at first, but I didn't pay it much notice until recently.

A few friends and I would occasionally get together and go out around 1 in the morning on the back porch and smoke a joint and star gaze and just have a good time. Each time we would do that, the field 100ft away would start rustling with noises...as if someone was running through the underbrush. Me and my friends, higher than kites, would normally laugh it off, but that was only until we heard a shrieking-like noise from that area. Needless to say, we haven't done that ever since. That was about a month ago.

Ever since then, that has mentally messed me up. I constantly worried that there's some type of wolf or something over there that lurks around at night, and that was my assumption until 2 nights ago.

2 nights ago, I was outside at about 11:18 on the spot. We have a compost bin, so after I cleaned the kitchen, I took the scraps of food and all the other sh*t out there. It was very dark, but peaceful. I should mention now that we have a steel fence around our acre of property, with the compost at the far back of the property next to the fence. The fence also has a gate on it that opens into the farms field.

Anyway, as I made my way to the compost, a huge unnerving feeling erupted all around me. I felt like I was being watched or stalked. It was dark as hell and I couldn't see anything, I only had enough visible light from our outside porch light. I dumped the scraps of food into the compost, and heard the exact same rustling noise through the underbrush.

I got ballsy here. I had a feeling that there was some jackass teen or someone else trying to scare me, so I stood still for about 20 seconds in the direction of the noise. Here's where I start to panic. I took my phone out of my pocket, shook it twice to turn the flashlight on, and shined it in the direction of the noise. Nothing really to see but bushes and soybean plants. But...something odd caught my eyes. A reflection. I stood confused for a second and shined my light back over where the reflection was, and holy sh*t, there was some...maybe 4 foot tall THING crouched in some soybean plants and it was looking right AT ME WITH RED EYES. I cannot make this up man. I have tears in my own eyes right now typing this.

I'm not quite sure how I acted, I know I ran inside as fast as I could, and even though my asthma is horrible, that's the fastest I've ever ran. Needless to say I came into the house, locked the door, and ran downstairs into the basement. My room has no windows, both a blessing and a curse, but there was no way in hell that monstrosity was coming into my room. I passed the hell out, woke up last night at about 7, missed dinner and everything else, but immediately went outside to the same spot. Nothing was there. I even walked into the field to see if maybe what I saw were red berries or something...but nothing.

After walking back to the house, the next door neighbor was out. I immediately called out to him, and as he came over I asked him if he's ever seen anything abnormal around here, which his reply was "Everyone I know including myself goes inside before nightfall. There's tales of "hellcats" and "night crawlers" all around here" and with that he went to go put out his grill and went inside.

I didn't sleep much last night, mainly I was talking to friends about that sh*t, and since most of them live near Elizabethtown (about 25 minutes away, decent size city) they have no idea wtf it was.

Anyway I'm lost for words at this point. I don't know what to do. It could of been an animal but that thing looked nothing like an animal I've ever seen. I'm debating right now to go outside with a high beam flashlight and scan the area from my porch, but to be honest I may shit myself this time.

Please, if anyone is from Kentucky, fill me in. The biggest city close to me is Louisville, and that's about an hour away for location purposes. Thank you for reading this once again, I'm very freaked out right now, and any help will greatly appreciated. PD

The witness later states:

This is the sh*t that's starting to get to me. I told my own mom about this, and I could tell by the look in her eyes that something was wrong. After I explained it to her, she said she was out on the porch one night talking to a friend, when she heard some CLIMBING OVER the metal fence, and could hear footsteps gaining on her. She then noped the fuck out of there and went inside in the span of a few seconds. Very strange, she couldn't see anything at all, and our fence is about 4.5-5 foot tall. We also have a fenced in porch as well. I'm not too sure what's going on but this isn't normal.

On the farmer's land, about 80 ft from the edge of our land, there's a sinkhole that's connected to a small cave. I haven't thought about that at all, there's literally fallen down trees and stuff that sunk into the ground and a cave opened up. What if that thing lives in there?

I did some research in our county records, and apparently the land owned by the FARMER used to be GOVERNMENT property in the 1960s-80s. This is very strange. It didn't state exactly why, and I know almost all property is "government owned" until you buy it, but back in the 1890s it was owned by farmer's get again, and then bought out. All that was available there for the government control was not available, like it literally said "unavailable". I'll figure out a way to post a picture because this is in the city hall records. Also there was a man made crater built somewhere out there, and it used to be over 600 acres of controlled property, meaning the rest is all around. It even looks like our own house used to be on it. This definitely bats an eye. I'm starting to wonder if there was some sort of experiment or if there was a reason for it. I definitely find this very strange.

My personal theory is that this creature is either a form of goblin, an alien, or a something called a "rake". It looks like the Hellier (or however you spell it) goblins that many people have suggested, it also looks like an alien, but it very well looks like that rake thing. I have no idea if a rake is real or not, but from what I've looked up on Google the images looked exactly like it. I'm not going outside until I have materials.

I also believe that the sinkhole has a great deal in this situation. It does in fact connect to a cave, as around February my grandfather was checking the place out, and walked over there and said there was a small 7ft by 5ft entering (assumptions).

I will personally make sure to contact the farmer and ask him about it. The shit that gets me, is that he has the normal "no trespassing" sign all around his property. I will try to get to him though.

One thing my mother bought up is the lack of animals. It's all free and clear to own animals (live stock outside animals) on our property, as my mom wanted chickens and goats, but apparently it's the "neighborhood rules" (said by 3 of our neighbors) to not own any animals. The strange part is, is that the neighbor next to us had about 6 hound dogs that are always out during the day, but are always bought inside their house at night. My mom has a theory that the reason for the "no animals" thing, is that the creature killed or ate other outside animals. We have no deer here, no ground animals like foxes or racoons, or your basic rural animals. Maybe a few birds here and there, but outside of that, nothing. Very strange in my opinion.

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