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Thursday, August 08, 2019

Cryptid Canine Encounters

The following recent encounter accounts were found or received during the past few weeks:

I saw a sort of wolf-like creature on the side of the road. I live in a small border town in southwestern Arizona and there's not a lot to do around here. My girlfriend and I were out on a date 3 days ago and by the end of it we just cruised around talking and listening to music until about 1 am. We decide to call it a night and as I'm driving her back home we both see this giant 4-legged creature on the side of the road with its back to us. Its fur was rough looking and it had this whitish greyish color to it. I immediately thought it was a messed up giant mountain lion since they're not uncommon around here.

I slowed down a bit so we could take a better look and that's when it turned around and faced us and that's when I knew we were dealing with a whole new different thing here. It had the most ferocious and terrifying face I've ever seen. It had a long snout, just like a wolf. It had its mouth open and we could see some big and sharp looking teeth. It was hunched over making its back seem like a mountain and its fur was standing up just like a cat does when it's scared. With the lights of the car, its eyes seemed to glow red as well. After seeing this, I stepped on the gas and got the hell outta there. My girlfriend and I were in shock for a while until I asked her if she saw that thing or if I was just going crazy. She confirmed and gave the same exact description of the creature.

After a bit of digging around, I found out that the only type of wolf that was once found here is the Mexican Gray Wolf but they are critically endangered now and they were extirpated from around here a long time ago. That type of wolf can only be found now in southeastern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico. The sheer size and appearance of this thing rules out coyotes and dogs entirely. I am amazed and a bit worried as to what we witnessed that night. DRS


Some backstory. For the biggest part of my life I lived in Greece and I recently moved to Canada. In Greece we don't have tales of skinwalkers or any other sinister being so if I say something incorrect, it's probably because I lack information and knowledge.

I started riding my motorcycle to Ontario at around 10pm (a 7 hour trip from where I lived). Roughly half way through the trip (I guess at around 1am), the fuel tank was empty. Now I need to note that I was sure I had a full tank before leaving, so this was very weird. I called 911 since I didn't know who to call at that point and the dispatcher said that although I shouldn't call for this kind of issue, she'd send someone to help me. I apologized and thanked her. The place I was stopped was a straight road with trees on each side. A forest.

When the conversation ended, I noticed something extremely weird. Silence. Extreme silence, as if everything around me had died. The crickets that were previously getting on my nerves, had stopped. The owls where nowhere to be heard.

Then I heard dog crying from inside the woods. It was extremely distinct since it was the only thing I could hear. Since I love dogs, I slowly and hesitantly started making my way inside the woods to see if that dog was hurt.

I was approaching. I could hear the crying louder with each step. Then I stopped. The crying was now taking place in front of me. But then it stopped and instead of crying, the sound that I could hear now was an aggressive growl behind me.

I turned around and saw it. It was not a dog, not a wolf, not a bear, in fact it wasn't anything animal like. It was a 7 something foot tall thing with a dog face and extremely sharp teeth. I literally crapped my pants. My survival instinct kicked in and I immediately started running back to my motorcycle. I was crying.

I finally made my way back to the road and saw a firetruck and 2 firefighters. They asked me if I was ok but I couldn't say a word. I was shivering. When I was finally able to talk I told them everything. They said that this was a common thing there and that rangers were looking for that thing for more than a decade.

They checked my bike and when they looked at the tank they say claw marks all over it and spilled fuel. They took me with them and helped me with my motorcycle.

I am completely traumatized and I still can't explain what I saw. That's the reason I share this story here. To see if anyone else had any similar experiences. N


So it was about 2:30 or 3 in the morning and I’m trying to go to sleep when every dog down my road starts going mad and barking. At first I thought nothing of it and just wanted them to shut up so I could get some sleep. I then hear the roofing tiles on the house opposite me being walked on and due to it being so late it was silent so I could also hear heavy breathing coming from my neighbours roof. I was fairly scared for lack of better word so I’ve grabbed a knife I keep in my bedside cabinet and drew the curtain back slightly to see what was there. I saw a dark figure that looked like a K-9 but larger. It then slightly turned it’s head towards me and I could see a glimmer in its eye. Then it suddenly disappeared (it happened 4 days ago). I haven’t been able to sleep properly since. DS

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