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All Seeing Eye: MILABS & Reptilian Optometry

I recently received the following information from Matt R.:

For context of what I'll be discussing here, I suggest reading my last article. It also contains a link to my most recent radio interview, which summarizes my experiences from the beginning https://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2018/12/milabs-reptilians-and-weaponized-stem.html

In June 2018, I had some extremely violent MILAB type abductions. A cluster of several, in a short period of time (https://www.phantomsandmonsters.com/2018/06/two-reptilian-abductions-in-48-hours.html). Although I'm hesitant to do so, I finally feel it's necessary to share more details of this fairly traumatic experience. These involved reptilian participants, although there were many architectural elements that indicated US military involvement.

From what I can recall, I was forced inside of a dark shipping container. Specifically, the type that has been retrofitted into a prison type cell. Such converted containers are being used as supplemental prison housing in several countries, and as temporary FEMA shelters in the USA. It was sitting in a relatively undeveloped underground cavern type tunnel. I did get the intuitive impression this complex connected to a functioning mine, as cover for its traffic. I got the feeling this may have been in Wyoming (even though I live in Chicago, currently). I recall a reptilian referring to the container as a "Gong." I was about to find out the origin of that nickname.

Forced inside this empty container, into basically pure darkness, I was attacked. There were multiple other abductees, and some reptilians, packed in there. It was chaos. Everyone against everyone else. When you're shoved into its inner walls, it does indeed sound like a gong. I struggled and flailed. I bruised my knuckles pretty badly, and received a very long thin vertical scratch, across my face. Likely, from a reptilian. I couldn't fully see my attackers, but I knew at least one was reptilian. I surmised that I should attempt to be the last one to leave the only exit, which was a small door in the corner. It was a crowded "battle royale" type rule contest. Be the last to be shoved out the only door. And, although I was scared to be inside, I was equally scared of being pushed out or losing too soon. It makes me extremely suspicious of why so many video games, and films, now involve such brutal survival scenario contests.

I found this to be one of the most traumatic abductions I've ever had. Purely because, I was always wondering when I'd be surprise tested like that, again. It did get me back into the habit of exercising every other day, however. I can't deny that is positive. And, it made me aware of this new strategy of mobile modular FEMA camp-type prison compounds, which can be assembled almost anywhere. That shipping container was clearly a very new & advanced model of one, which I was tested in. These can be brought into an area via multiple modes of transportation (train, truck trailer, or even air). And, they make the old system of fixed FEMA facility locations totally obsolete.

At the time, I didn't fully realize there was a new factor being tested. Specifically, my ability to see in extremely low light. I noticed that, around this time, my eyes were becoming more sensitive to ALL forms of light, while trying to sleep. I cut up some cheap blue Tupperware, to layer over my alarm clock, and dampen the brightness. I also began taping over my phone and tablet charger LED lights. In just the past months, this light sensitivity has hit a whole new intensity. I've spoken before about how the Reptilians have outright told abductees that they have a strong interest in activating reptilian DNA in them. This is consistent with that program.

At a very recent optometrist visit, I came across some evidence of these inexplicable changes in my eyes. I used to be moderately color blind. Of course, that term is a bit misleading, because most color blind can see every color. They just don't jump out as clearly from each other, in contrast. Back when I was tested to go on the NOPD, they did a very simple color test, which was not as hard as the common "Ishihara" test. Other departments, like Chicago PD, had another easier option I had heard of, called the string test (which you'd need to pay for, yourself). I had to do quite a bit of research to find what contingencies and alternate tests were available to a "colorblind" me when applying.

Back then, in any Ishihara practice color blind tests, I couldn't score above 30% to 40%. Just 2 months ago, I scored 90% in the lab test at the eye doctor. Then I re-tested online at several different places. I was consistently scoring averages around 80%. Its unheard of for color vision to improve with age. It's actually supposed to worsen. My color contrast acuity has doubled, in direct proportion to my gain in night vision. Over the past year, and accelerating in past month, I was noticing colors appeared substantially more vibrant than usual.

I'm not aware of any recorded precedent for this, in publicly reported medical history. However, it is extremely important to report, in case any other reptilian abductees have experienced the same thing. It certainly seems congruent with what I've observed about many reptilians. While work areas aboard reptilian ships are generally not unusually dark, their underground living areas certainly are. And, they can see a wider spectrum of colors. That could explain why this modification inadvertently boosted my color vision. https://theethogram.com/2015/04/06/hidden-colors-you-cant-see-them-but-lizards-can/

There are many others who have reported genetic activation factors in their reptilian experiences. Many of the reptilian abductees I've researched have had inexplicably steep drops in blood pressure, and unusually low body temps. I've experienced both. I've had my thyroid level tested. Its normal. And, of course, there's the extremely commonly reported digestive system alteration. That was the first major change I experienced, being that I developed a ridiculously sensitive stomach. It wasn't until years later that I ran across the case of deceased reptilian abductee Jeffrey Alan Lash, who had to eat rare Buffalo steaks. https://galacticconnection.com/the-mysterious-story-of-jeffrey-alan-lash/

I, too, have found that eating unprocessed meat, such as canned tuna/sardines/sushi, alleviated my symptoms. In this interview, James Bartley discusses cases where female reptilian abductees have been brought in to feed their half reptilian offspring live prey: https://youtu.be/_wH8liUtpsA.

I do know, from personal experience, my stomach can also now strongly recognize the contrast between refrigerated (never frozen) and defrosted animal protein. This inherited recessive DNA activation process is why the illuminati engage in what seem to be bizarre rituals to outsiders. In this account, a man was outright told rituals were necessary to activate reptilian DNA abilities, like levitation (which he inherited from an elite bloodline family). https://www.henrymakow.com/freemasonry.html

I also strongly recommend watching the new "Reptilian Agenda " episode of of Ancient Aliens. They interview Charmaine D'Rozario-Saytch about her own reptilian DNA activation experiences. https://www.history.com/shows/ancient-aliens/season-14/episode-8

In the recent case of what happened with my eyes, however, it seems to be a targeted alteration from that same military MILAB program I was shoved into last year. Why, of all the aliens our black operations work with, are they so fixated on playing with rep DNA? Well, on the hunter/ gatherer spectrum, the reptilians are naturally farther down the hunter side of that pendulum, than humans have ever been. This is why some warrior caste full blooded reptilians are seen walking around completely unarmed, on duty. About 2/3rds of the ones I helped train in crowd control (in 2005) had no visible weapons, aside from fangs and claws ( as detailed here: https://m.soundcloud.com/panamaorange/civilunrestreptilians) . Their evolution path makes them far more naturally adjusted to warfare. That makes their DNA much more useful to our military, than grey or nordic alien sources. Especially, special forces, where close quarters advantage is crucial. That is the distance where they excel, most naturally. The military does work with other species in exchange for technology. But, their DNA doesn't have that specific combat effectiveness boost as reptilian DNA.

As I detailed in my previous article, they first test these DNA graft procedures on us hybrid bloodliners, because we're less likely to have a fatal reaction. Since I (and I presume the other testers) survived, they have proceeded to normal human subjects. Meaning, there are spec-ops assets in the field with unusually strong pain tolerance and natural night vision. I do strongly feel, at a psychic intuitive level, that some are being used in a plain clothes capacity. Most specifically for crowd control. Their greatest advantage is that they don't appear enhanced. Even at an extremely large riot or demonstration, you only need a very small few mixed in. A good example of this principle is this testimony of a club bouncer who fought a relatively thin reptilian hybrid, who just barely passed for human, and appeared not to be in particularly good shape. Yet, he was barely able to defeat this hybrid, despite having martial arts experience and being a heavy weight-lifter : https://youtu.be/tg1YYL4Qa8w

As testified to by many abductees and military whistleblowers, underground biological experiments involving aliens have been going on since at least the 1970s. I'm astonished that anyone would think that, in 2019, they still haven't fielded any of these projects. You don't spend billions and decades without deploying something. The question is, would you even know if they were being deployed? Does anyone really think they would dress up altered or lab grown soldiers in brightly colored jumpsuits, like some Hollywood comic book movie? We have a long history of deploying advanced weapons onto the battlefield, decades before it is officially admitted. It's no different with this weaponized biotech transhumanism. They are already engaging in a form of soft disclosure propaganda, for these procedures: https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/research/a23457329/augmented-super-soldiers-reversible/. This article actually proposes adding cat DNA to soldier's eyes to give them night vision.

As a final note, let me make clear the fact that this project does not replace the other contingency I've spoken about here for years. The use of full blood reptilian mercenaries in crowd control. The ones I helped train.

That is still their final option if everything else fails. Of course, once deployed, full bloods would be extremely conspicuous. They prefer something that at least passes for human. Temporarily. I honestly think using full bloods would have much less liability. If we are caught secretly using modified soldiers, by any rival foreign power, it could be the worst scandal we've ever suffered. You could have the entire world demand we shut down overseas bases, because any of them could secretly have some of these hidden WMDs (Modified troops). Putin has already said, on record, that he thinks genetically modified troops are "worse" than nukes. I doubt he's alone in that sentiment. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4746212/vladimir-putin-russia-super-human-soldiers-nuclear-bomb/

As always, I can be reached at circlepanama@gmail.com or at Twitter under the name panamaorange

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