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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Whatever It Is, It Follows Us!

Let me start off with my first encounter with this being. My friend and I were on my way back to my house, when I turned down my road that I live on. A few feet down the road, (which I actually ended up getting stuck in the snow in that EXACT spot twice about a year after this) we both see a pair of eyes. Orange-ish, yellow eyes. Living in Indiana covered with cornfields in both directions as far as you can see, I think it’s an animal and I start to slow down. The eyes aren’t moving, like normal animal eyes do. They usually scurry away...or at least turn and disappear into the cornfield. Now, the closer I got I can’t describe how I could see the details of it because it was so... dark. Like it completely lacked all light. My headlights weren’t illuminating the being AT ALL. But basically, it looked like a crouched/perched skeleton. It was completely bones, but somehow still huge. At this point, we’re pretty close, so I speed up a little thinking some 'Jeepers Creepers' sh*t is about to happen and take off with my car. As we passed the being, staring directly into the eyes to see what it was, it disappeared. Like a piece of paper. I was looking at him like, “you saw that sh*t too right?” and everytime we talk about it...it’ll come up. Which, I’ll share each one of those stories here.

This experience was about a week later. The next time I saw this entity, I was near my road. About 5 miles from my house. Same orange eyes. It was walking across the road from right to left, towards someone’s yard. And when I say walking, I mean on all fours. It was completely black and huge this time. It had a tail that was probably at least 3 feet long. As it was passing from the right side of the road to the left, it stopped in the middle of the road. Mind you, I’m driving straight for this thing. 60 miles an hour. I slow down and it stopped on the yellow line in the middle of the road, and turned at looked at me and my boyfriend in the car. I’m about 20 feet away, so I’m slowing way down so it doesn’t completely destroy my car. It just turned and kept walking. But the thing was so damn huge that it GLIDED through the yard. When we passed the house, the dog thing was nowhere in sight. This house had a security light and was well-lit outside. No sign of this thing anywhere.

Next time it was seen, was by my boyfriend. This was about 2-3 weeks after initial incident. He was outside smoking a cigarette on my cabin porch. It’s just a cabin we used to store our pool stuff in. He sees the entity, standing this time. At the exact edge of my property, taller than the corn that it’s standing next to. It was about the end of August, so the corn is very tall. It stood there, the same orange eyes. Watching my boyfriend run into the house.

Next incident was recently. These occurrences happened back in 2017. I never posted about these because talking about it brings it back. Every time I told this story, it would come back. It knew. It knew I was telling people about it, almost as if talking about it gave it some sort o power, or more energy? I don’t know. So, this next incident wasn’t me. I only had the two initial occurrences. I got a call from my friend the other night, (the same friend that seen it with me in the first story) and he was frantic. he said, “Kat, I saw it again. I saw it.” I immediately knew what he was talking about and I asked him where and what happened. He told me he was driving a back way home because of construction on the main highway. So as he’s driving, this black tall figure glides across the road and he’s watching it move and as it gets to the corn it disintegrates and turns into smoke and travels into the cornfield. He watched the smoke dart through the cornfield.

So can someone tell me I’m not a psycho and this might have a name?? I haven’t seen the entity since 2017. I don’t want to ever again because the overwhelming feeling of just domination and the devil. I’m not religious by any mean. This thing reminds me of something I saw when I did the Ouija board too many times in high school. It starts with a Z. I saw him standing at the foot of my bed and a few other places in my house but it gives me a feeling of just pure dread and death. Everything negative. I’m not sure if they’re correlated or not, I doubt it honestly but the feelings are the same. KT

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