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Monday, July 22, 2019

Trucker Shoots Upright Canine Near Reed City, MI

I came across the following report:

My uncle had an encounter in the summer several years back. Only reason I believe him is because his whole life, he's always been a super serious, no bullsh*t kind of guy. When he told the story, he sounded genuinely upset about it.

He is a long haul truck driver and was stopped on the side of the highway in a heavily wooded area. This was somewhere several miles in the middle of nowhere, but he said it was closest to Reed City, MI. I can't recall what he said he was doing, but he had to fix something before he could take off. Also, he didn't have a trailer on at the time.

He had just gotten done fixing up his stuff and was about to climb into his vehicle when he saw a deer come towards him from the treeline. He said it looked like it might've been running from something, he assumed it might've been a bear.

He was just getting ready to leave when he suddenly sees something looking at him through the passenger side window. He described it as having jet black fur and bright yellow eyes as well as vicious looking, snarling teeth. It was so close to him that he could see it's fur blowing with the slight breeze that was coming through. The window was open, but it didn't seem to notice, as was evident when the creature put its paw up to the window as if to press it against the window, but pulled it back in shock when it realized it's paw actually entered the vehicle.

My uncle typically carries a gun on him, at this time he had a heavy revolver (the exact name and caliber is beyond my memory right now). He pointed it at the dogman and pulled the trigger, effectively shooting it directly in the face. Finally, the truck started moving fast enough for him to be confident that the thing wasn't following him, should it have survived the shot. He didn't bother waiting around to find out.

He said he still gets disturbed when he thinks back to that event. He described it as giving off this aura of pure evil and ill-intent, in only the few seconds he faced it. He has nightmares about this creature to this day, and he refused to tell anyone about it until several years after it happened for fear of people thinking he had lost his mind.

Another reason I'm able to buy his story is because he has never been interested in the occult, supernatural, paranormal, cryptids etc. He had no idea what to make of this thing I saw him, but when he told me the story I told him to look into the dogman. When he looked online, he said the artist depictions of the dogman perfectly for what he saw that day. Des

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