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High Strangeness Results in Possible Abduction

I recently received the following account and information:

I’d just like to say that I am not making anything up. All of this 100% happened. I find it somewhat therapeutic to share information like this. Generally, people aren’t very kind and I have been laughed at and called deplorable things for sharing accounts like this. I feel these types of things are important to share so that other people who have things like this happen to them would feel less like an outcast. I am on the bashful side of the personality spectrum so I am definitely not seeking attention.

My parents were from a small Mississippi town that has had many ufo sightings, heavy paranormal activity, cryptid sightings and general strangeness. Maybe this has something to do with what I have been experiencing 40 miles away, in a heavily populated area that doesn’t have a single “snooze” hour in its operation. I don’t fancy the idea of this “high strangeness” following me but I don’t know how else to describe it. It followed me, or should I say, us. My parents moved to the city sometime in the mid 1990’s and years later, I was born.

This first experience I’d like to share happened around January 2012, I was attending a extracurricular mentoring program at a school, there were hundreds of people here. We, the students were assigned seats and the names of our mentor were taped to a chair of each row. Unfortunately, my groups’ mentor wasn’t there so peers started to get up and wonder around. I didn’t. I just sat there and vaguely looked in the direction of the mentor speaking in from of me out of boredom. He was talking to my classmates in the row in front of mine. He was their mentor. He wore glasses, and had almost icy-blue eyes. I was just looking in his direction and I saw this man’s eye change into a vertical pupil. Like a slit. I still don’t believe I saw that but why would he get nervous after that happened? He peeped at me from the corner of his eye while still addressing the students in front of me. It was a slit pupil. It was still blue but the pupil was a vertical. I kind of did a double take and slightly frowned in confusion at why I saw that. What confirmed it was that he got nervous after this. I don’t think anyone else saw it or they did and they were like me, utterly shocked and confused. Maybe he wasn’t expecting me to notice because he had glasses on. Why would he look at me while his eye is like that?? Perhaps an involuntary shape-shift? I’m an open minded person, however, I still take a lot of things I hear on the internet with a grain of salt until I actually experience it. Did I see what people call a “reptilian shapeshifter”? Why would he take interest in mentoring a bunch of human teenagers? I don’t know. What I do know is, it was not normal and if it wasn’t for the hundreds of people in the auditorium, I would have ran out of there. It’s not creepy because he was non-human, it’s creepy because he was masquerading as a human so we wouldn’t suspect anything.

For the most part, I’ve just sort of brushed off these experiences but at times, they can become intense. In the mid-summer of 2012, I was laying in bed and watching the TV. Literally out of nowhere, I got this vibe from the window as if someone was staring at me. It felt horrible. My mind was telling me to run but I just laid there in bed. I turned the TV up to cut through the feeling that had built up in my room. I faked laughed at what I was watching on TV because I knew something was staring at me from the window at this point. In my mind, I thought that me laughing would trick whatever was out there into thinking I wasn’t paying attention to the horrible vibe it was giving off; pretended as if I didn’t know it was there. Right after I faked laughed, whatever it was started to tap at the window. Loudly. These were solid TAP TAP TAP TAP’s like it was letting me know that I didn’t fool it. The tapping was hard enough to make the window shake a little. It would scrape at the window screen as well. I could not jump out of bed and down the hall to the bathroom quick enough. I stood there in the bathroom absolutely terrified. I had to lean against my vanity to keep my legs from giving out from trembling. I sat there for about a good 20 minutes half expecting to see something peep around the corner into the bathroom at me and half contemplating to go sleep with my parents. I really didn’t want to wake them but I felt if I had went back in my room that night, something bad was going to happen to me.

I slept with my parents that night.

It is actually hilarious when I think about it now, a giant teenager nestled between her parents in a bed. Wasn’t funny while this was happening though. I was scared out of my mind. They asked me what was wrong and I just said, I was going to camp out with them that night. I was not about to go back in that room and get abducted, eaten, or whatever. Screw that.

In all seriousness, no way that was a physical person. My room is on the second story of a house surrounded by a 8ft wooden, deadbolt fence at the end of a yard. No way it was a bird because birds are not usually active at 1-2am in the morning. Plus, birds’ (the species around here) beaks are too small to make a noise like that. It was definitely not a squirrel. I tried to recreate the noise the next day with my nails on the window and I could not. My nails sounded too dull against the glass. I’m 99% certain it was not an animal either. It seemed too intelligent and had the ability to taunt! We still live in the same house in the same heavily populated area. I don’t know where it could have came from or where it could have went.

I’m going to be honest, the tapping at the window sounded like it came from something with developed claws. If I had to guess digits, maybe 2-5. The vibe this being gave off was not a good one and this is exactly why I do no sit out in the backyard at night in my garden anymore and I make sure to lock my window before the sun goes down.

I’d like to note that this tapping on the window incident happen two times over two summers. One time in July of 2011 and the other more aggressive one, July of 2012. The one from 2011 wasn’t as loud or intimidating as the later one. I haven’t experienced it after these two years. Nevertheless, “high strangeness” still occurs. Around late June of this year, however, I was woken at 4am by this scrubbing sound followed by a “thack” sound against the walls near my room from outside. It went up the wall to the ceiling and back down and towards the window. I do not know what that was. A misguided squirrel or bird? Highly unlikely.

This next experience (2012) happened at night, again, I was laying in bed watching the TV. Then there was this hissing the started coming from the window. It was faint but definitely there. I was not imagining it. I still get creeped out by this, it put me in a trance. I was staring at the window in a trance and I could not move. When the hissing stopped, I regained my senses. Its happened multiple times. I don’t like that something can have control over my locomotion like that. It continued to happen throughout the years. Just last year around September, I was taking a shower and out of nowhere there was this LOUD hiss that originated in the one of the corners of the shower followed by a ringing tone in my left ear. I jumped because of how loud the hissing was. I’m a bit more relaxed now but still very cautious when I take a shower. It is very uncomfortable to be aware of something that may be watching me bathe.

In March of 2013, I was laying in bed with my eyes close. I was not sleep but I was at the “going to sleep” state if that makes sense. It was broad daylight but all I felt like doing was laying down to sleep. In this state (laying in bed, eyes closed) I felt like I was being sucked through some sort of tunnel. I was conscious of myself in the bed but I was going “somewhere else” too. I was completely immobile and could feel this tingling sensation all over. At the end of this tunnel, I could see a room. But before I reached this room I started to “pull” myself back. There was an instinctive “nope” reaction on my part and I started to pull myself back. When I “made it back”, I immediately got up. I’m not sure what that was about. I also heard a voice during this incident in a monotone say something along the lines of “how can you believe in extraterrestrials and God?” I know, it seems soooo corny but that what it sounded like it said. I am not sure why (whoever it was) would say something like that.

In 2014 (this is very embarrassing for me and might be TMI but I feel I need to share it) I started having this feeling in my private area equivalent to a large object forcing its way inside of me. It got to the point where it was disabling; very painful and it hurt to walk. It was a sore, throbbing pain. This would happen out of nowhere. I’d be sitting on the couch—instant pain. Laying down—instant pain. I checked myself and could not find out what the problem was. This was around the same time where I had to go to my pediatrician because of the irregular cycles I were having. I would not have a cycle for 5 months at a time. No injuries, no hormonal irregularities. Nothing. They could not find out what was wrong with me.

And then—

In October of 2014, I had a “””dream””” (I’m sure it was a recollection of some sort) where I was in this brightly light room. I had no clothes on and I could not see where this light was coming from nor could I see anything else. I felt very dazed. I felt my hand being grabbed and guided towards this room that had a back stretcher type chair in it. It looked like the thing elderly people use to help their backs but silver in color with this sort of rim going around the top of it. (Again, I hope this is making sense because I cannot draw.) I was placed in this chair. The next thing I remember is having this needle being inserted into my right upper arm. I watched as the needle was placed there and I felt no pain. I couldn’t see who grabbed my hand nor could I see who placed the needle in my arm. I was then shown a screen on the wall in front of me where I saw my abdominal organs. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I woke up to a very itchy right arm that I scratched so hard, I made a sore. That had never happened before this. It still itches occasionally. The very next day after this “””dream”””, this “life form” appeared in my bathtub drain. I am NOT making this up. It seemed to be some type of fungi but it reacted to water touching it and had tendrils that swayed in the water. I was honestly creeped by it. I don’t know what the HECK it was. I still beat myself up for not filming it when I first saw it poking about 6 inches up out of the drain. I didn’t want to get close to it and decided to start showering in my parents bathroom instead until it went away. It did but it came back in 2017 and seemed to have changed its “shape” or it may be a different life form altogether. It appeared more “ruffle-like” with holes in it but it stayed curled up in the drain instead of poking out. I have the video of this one if you’d like me to share it.

Again, everything I just typed is 100% true. I have nothing to gain for sharing my accounts other than the hope of helping others feel less like outcasts because of their experiences.

I hope this wasn’t too long nor too weird. Thanks for reading. Terri

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