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Thursday, July 18, 2019

ET Encounters in the United Kingdom, Part II

ET Encounters in the United Kingdom, Part II

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” author of the international, awards-winning Venus Rising series of books, available on amazon.com, while supplies last

Angels in West Yorkshire

Growing up in the traditions of the Christian faith, I could not help but be struck by the similarities between the following alien encounter in West Yorkshire with that of the visitation of angels to human beings in ancient through modern times. In culling my Venus files, I came across this intriguing Report 7664 in the files of the Northern UFO Network (NUFON) of 23 Sunningdale Drive, Irlam M30 6NJ, in the United Kingdom. Titled “Contact Experience Claimed in West Yorkshire,” the account was first published in the pages of NUFON’s official organ, Northern UFO News, Issue 27, August 1976. Unlike the competiveness of ufologists in the United States in the mid-1970s, that were always trying to scoop each other, one must surely be impressed by the high level of cooperation between the saucer researchers and various UFO investigative groups of the United Kingdom during this same period.

The primary researcher in this case was Graham Barker of the then newly- formed West Yorkshire UFO Research organization. In July of 1976, the leadership of the West Yorkshire group placed an advertisement in the regional newspaper appealing to local residents who had experienced paranormal encounters to come forth and report the same, whence investigators could be dispatched to interview and help them work through any issues that might have arisen as a result of their contact with the unknown. This case involved a person who lived in West Yorkshire. He was a well-respected gentleman, being possessed of reasonable intelligence and considerable financial resources. We shall simply refer to this experiencer as Mr. L.

Unfortunately, Mr. L demonstrated excessive cautiousness during his interviews and let the interviewers know that he was “wary of any form of publicity.” It seems that Mr. L held a position of political authority in the area as well. Back in the day, of course, having a close encounter of the third kind was not the type of information that the typical politician would have placed on their curriculum vitae, so to speak. In any case, Barker was accompanied by an unnamed research assistant from the Yorkshire group in addition to Trevor Whitaker of the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), the largest saucer investigating group in the United Kingdom. BUFORA headquarters in London also dispatched a staff psychiatrist to accompany the investigating party. This case was of particular interest to the psychiatrist, who noted that, “Since the incidents, the character of L has appeared to alter. He has become more nervous and feels that parts of the event are ‘missing’ from memory.”

And to top this all off, West Yorkshire UFO Research and BUFORA’s Yorkshire chapter unanimously agreed to share all of their collected information with NUFON’s journal editors to publish the final Report 7664 for dissemination to the entirety of the UFO-interested world at large.

First Encounter

Mr. L’s first encounter allegedly took place sometime in 1974 when a tall being, roughly estimated to be somewhere between 6’6” to 7” and dressed in a white, one-piece suit with a high collar, appeared to him as he was lying in his bed. Mr. L maintains that the being was at the foot of his bed, so he could not see if his visitor’s feet were touching the ground. Mr. L suspects that the being may have been levitating. This made it hard for him to estimate the being’s true height. The witness to this strange apparition told the investigators that he felt a “feeling of intense joy” the whole time that he was in the presence of the visiting being. There was a second and similar meeting, at an unremembered date, when the visitor stayed longer. In the second visit, Mr. L was also caught off guard and was not able to get out of bed to check out the visitor’s feet.

Subsequent Encounter

Sometime in February 1976, Mr. L maintains that the being returned. This time, however, he did not come alone. The being was accompanied by a similarly-dressed entity, presumably male, but just a few inches smaller in stature. Both of these entities had “longer and larger faces than ours, with ashen grey coloring.” Both had long and thin lips and long noses. Mr. L interjected that, “Their eyes were narrow with pupils like those of a cat. They had four digits on each hand.” Mr. L noted that both beings radiated the same feeling of warmth that he perceived during the first encounter. Nevertheless, it seemed as though something was troubling them.

“Is something wrong?” asked Mr. L to the taller one.

“Show him the tubing,” said the taller entity to the smaller companion.

At that, the shorter being pulled out a piece of U-shaped tubing, six inches long by one-quarter inch wide, a sort of hosing that appeared to be composed of some type of plastic. Mr. L turned it about it his hands, inspecting it carefully. “It looks OK to me,” he said, adding that, “I don’t see any cracks, holes or fatigue in it. What is it for, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“It is part of the plumbing on the ship,” replied the short ET.

Mr. L asked for a clarification. “You mean, in case anyone has to use the loo?”

“Bingo!” said the lanky alien, winking his left cat eye. “Wish we could take you along with us. We can always use a good mechanic onboard the ship.”

Tour of the Ship

The tall one asked Mr. L if he would like to take a tour of the ship. Mr. L replied in the affirmative.

“OK then, Mr. L, what I will need for you to do is just lay down flat on the bed with your toes pointing up and forwards. Keep your legs together and your arms folded over your chest. You will not be able to move for a few seconds; so please do not become alarmed,” explained his tall alien friend as he knelt down along the left side of the bed. Mr. L did as he was instructed and found that he could not move and became a little nervous.

The extraterrestrial added, “Mr. L, I will need for you to relax.” As Mr. L took the alien’s advice and calmed down, he felt a tingling all over his immobilized body, albeit a pleasant one. He then felt himself floating up off the bed, seemingly into space. While his feelings told him that he was being lifted up into space, his eyes told him that his body was still lying still on the bed. Naturally, this caused some sense of disorientation.

At this point, the extraterrestrial instructed Mr. L to just close his eyes briefly. Mr. L did this; and when he opened them after a few seconds, found himself under the spacecraft. Later, he would describe the ship’s underside as looking like, “an inverted bathtub surrounded by a golden glow, like a fluorescent tube which does not strike properly.” Then Mr. L proceeded to enter into the spacecraft through the middle underside.

Mr. L next recalled being on a table in a large room, once more in an anaesthetized state, where he was surrounded by eight of the cat-eyed beings, divided into four pairs. There was also a large eye-like structure, colored reddish-purple, that was floating over his body. Mr. L sensed that it was some kind of probe, examining him. As it was with the time that he entered the ship and then found himself on the examination table, Mr. L once again began to lose his memory of the sequence of events. The experiencer told the psychologist that he was not averse to being placed under hypnosis, as this might help restore his recollection of events, and place them in their proper place on a timeline.

Fading in and out of consciousness, Mr. L did remember asking several questions:

“Who are you?”

“Why did you pick me?”

“Who is the Alpha and Omega in the Bible?”

The last question seemed rather odd to the psychologist and UFO investigators; but Mr. L explained that he was a “religious man” and an alien’s answer to this question might provide him with some spiritual context in attempting to understand the predicament he found himself in. Mr. L, it seems, could not recall any of the answers to these questions, except for the last one about the identity of the Alpha and Omega. To that question, one of the examining ETs replied that, “An insignificant being such as a worm should not ask such questions. A thousand of your years are but a day to us.” Mr. L was puzzled by this reply, as was the psychiatrist and other investigators.

Of course, the reference to one thousand years equaling one day to the ETs corresponds nicely to the Bible. The reader’s attention is invited to the following two verse selections:

Psalm 90:4: ‘For a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night.’

2 Peter 3:8-9: ‘But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.’

From the answer, then, can we conclude that the ETs hailed from some angelic, celestial realm? Even Mr. L is not sure. Also, the cryptic comment about the worm left much to be desired. Do the ETs think so lowly of Earthlings that they compare us to worms? Or is it the exact opposite? Perhaps they recognize that a lowlier life form, one less evolved than they, would not be asking such substantive, spiritual questions. And then there is always the possibility that in the collage of vague perceptions experienced by Mr. L, the question and answer could be entirely misconstrued, misinterpreted or misunderstood, or maybe all three.

Mr. L once again found himself back on his bed with the two alien visitor friends by his side. They told him that he would once more he would be immobile. The “pins and needles” sensation came back as well. The two extraterrestrials bid Mr. L a good-bye and then “vanished in the twinkling of an eye.” Five minutes later, the sensation gradually started to wear off and Mr. L was able to move. He reported no further contacts with the cat-eyed angels after that.

After Effects

Mr. L explained to the psychiatrist and UFO investigators that his story did not end with the disappearance of the aliens. He was still suffering from certain physical after effects. For example, he experienced pain at the base of his skull, behind his right ear and in his abdomen. He also had hot flushes. And in response to a question as to how he felt inside the spaceship, he noted that he was “terribly frightened and wanted to go home,” but didn’t really know why he told the aliens that, “I want to stay.”

The psychiatrist could only conclude that Mr. L was suffering from hypnagogic hallucinations. In other words, his experiences were purely subjective. The psychiatrist based his diagnosis partly on the testimony of Mr. L’s wife, who was present during most of the interviews. “This is not a firm conclusion, however,” declared the psychiatrist, “since it is somewhat dependent on viewing the medical records concerning physical effects.” It should also be taken into consideration that Mr. L had no previous known psychiatric history. Therefore, investigation into this matter had ceased, at least so far as the psychiatrist and UFO investigators were concerned.

The NUFON investigator declared that, “Even if this case is subjective, it is most important to consider it carefully. It has many attributes familiar to other contact experiences. One might be tempted to wonder if all such cases are hallucinatory, or does the UFO phenomenon have a means of controlling its percipients to the point of inducing semi-hallucinatory experiences? Perhaps if one views all contact cases in the light of this last possibility, we might have an explanation for the irrationalities often found in them.”


Editor’s Note: Keeping reading this site for ET Encounters in the United Kingdom, Part III, where the Cosmic Ray explores the appearance of one-foot tall extraterrestrials apparently conducting repairs on their ship along a country road in village of Fencehouses, County Durham.

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